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On the 12 day Switzerland itinerary...are there hairdryers in all the hotels? Thx!

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It's a crapshoot. Switzerland is a third world country and most of the men are as bald as Burt Reynolds by their early thirties.

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Hahahahahahaha!!!!!!!! That last response is gold.

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If you are asking, that means you definitely want/need a hairdryer. So do like my wife, buy one here beforehand with the proper voltage (220). Then you just need an adapter plug. If you need it, you better bring it (or buy it when you get there).

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Most hotels anywhere have hairdryers these need to buy one.

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I have encountered "odd" hairdryers in Europe from time to time. They are boxes stuck on the wall with a hose that comes out and blows a soft whisper of air...will not dry long hair or stay hot enough to style any hair that I know of. Because of that I always bring a 220 capable mini...I havent had to use it yet. So yes...its a crapshoot