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Gotthard Pass Route / circuit

I'm a bit confused, but did try to look at the PostBus webpage.

I'll be in Lauterbrunnen, and this postbus route (Gotthard Pass Route) very nice. I have 4-5 hours I could spend on the bus on this route......I was hoping to find a map, and to better understand the cost and details (schedule) of how to go on part of this route. I MAY be able to do the entire 8 hour circle, but was wondering if there was a 4-5 hour block of time that would get most of the highlights.

I"d appreciate any thoughts . I'm very new to how the PostBus system works, and am trying to figure this into whether or not I"d get a Swiss Pass. ( I cant (YET) figure out the cost at this point, to help determine if a Swiss Pass would be a good idea.)

Thanks so much