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Gotthard Panoramic Express: Lucerne to Lugano

Arriving in Zurich 8:30 a.m., Heading straight to Lucerne from airport. Where in Lucerne to you board the boat for the water portion of the Gotthard? Is there more than 1 daily train from Fluelen to Lugano? When I search SBB site I only see one time for departure of boat. I am worried about the timing?
Thank you!

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Yes, the Gotthard Panorama Express only goes once a day, but there are plenty of regular trains going that way. At Put in Luzern to Lugano and "via Goeschenen". No boat ride though.
What is your plan?

The dock is straight out the front of the station about 200 ft. Looks like if you can get the 9:47 train to Luzern from the airport, you have 23 minutes to make the boat.

Edit, there are also trains that cover that route from Fluelen at 15:16, 17:16, 18:16, 19:16, 20:16.