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GoldenPass Express Prestige Upgrades


I’m looking to book me, my wife and a 10 year old child on the GoldenPass Express Prestige Class between Interlaken and Montreux.

I’ve found the train and likely we’ll want the 9:08a departure from Interlaken Ost.

We currently have 2nd class Swiss Travel Pass with the Family Card (for free travel for our child).

As I understand it, we would need to upgrade point to point from 2nd class to first class, and then again to Prestige class, and add reservations (recommended)?

However, as I go into the SBB app, I only have an option to upgrade from 2nd class to 1st class point to point. How do I upgrade all the way to Prestige?

Regarding seat reservations I understand they won’t open up until 2 months out from our travel date.

Thanks for your advice.

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You book the Prestige Class reservations on the Golden Pass app. I have mine booked for October and I booked it last November, so it is a lot more than two months before.

I have never had a Swiss travel pass, we have just bought a Saver Day Pass for our trip, but I believe you only need to upgrade to first 0to ride in Prestige, there is an extra reservation charge on the seat though.

Hope this helps.

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Thank you. I’m assuming the “Golden Pass App” is only available to local residents? I don’t see the app in my App Store in the United States. I can use the website, however.

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@Stevie Ricks, I am sorry, you are right, I meant the website, no idea why I typed the app.

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Thank you for this timely advice. We are planning a trip on the Golden Pass train in October and I was wondering about when to get the tickets!