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Golden Round Trip from Luzern

I looked around and saw several discussions about this but wanted to check again and make sure.

The Golden Round Trip from Luzern to Mt Pilatus consists of:

  1. Luzern to Alpnachatad via boat - Can we hop off and on while traveling from Luzern to Alpnachstad?
  2. Alpnachstad to Pilatus Kulm via cogwheel train - Can we get off and back on at Aemsigen?
  3. Pilatus Kulm to Kriens via cable car - We plan to get off at Frakmuentegg for the park and then get back on to get to Kriens.
  4. Kriens to Luzern via ________ ? Is it a bus or train for the Kriens to Luzern leg for the Golden Round Trip?

Thanks again!

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The answer here is 'bus'. Someone at my hotel confirmed it.

Does anybody know about the getting off/getting back on questions?


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I have not done this trip but can't imagine that it would be a problem to make stops along the specified path of whatever ticket you buy in Switzerland, unless there's a particular early-morning discount or other such rule attached to it.