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Golden pass best seating for eastward vs westward

Is there a huge difference in the experience whether we do Golden pass in the Luzern --> Montreux vs Montreux --> Luzern direction.

I guess in the worst case I just have to sit facing the front of train vs the back to get the best views. If that is the case, which side is best for the Montreux --> Interlaken trip and the Interlaken --> Luzern trip?

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For the Interlaken to Luzern trip, for the first half, sit on the right side of the train - you will see the lakes go by. I was not in the front of the train or even on the "official" scenic cars and I still saw plenty. For the second half, after the train stops and then appears to go back the way it came from, but then turns to go up the mountain, move to the left side of the train. We rode in mid-July last summer and there were plenty of seats.

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Thanks @Kelly. How are the views on the Interlaken --> Luzern leg? I am thinking of skipping Bern for 0.5 day more in Jungfrau region + Golden pass from Interlaken to Luzern

Did you also do the Lausanne to Interlaken leg? If yes, how was that one?

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I did the whole trip from Luzern to Montreux two weeks ago and preferred the scenery on the Luzern-Interlaken stretch (waterfalls, lakes).
If your starting point is Lausanne, I found Lausanne-Bern (change for Interlaken would be in Bern) to be very scenic especially at first (seat on the right side), and it will be faster than Lausanne - Montreux - Interlaken via Golden Pass.

Just a précision regarding seating side: from Interlaken you do have to seat on the right, but you don't need to change sides in Meiringen: as you reverse, the right becomes the left, which is where you want to be for the next section.