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Gimmelwald to Zurich

We will be leaving Gimmelwald to Zurich on a Sunday morning in August to catch our flight back to the states. Our flight leaves at 5:00 pm. What time should we leave Gimmelwald to ensure us being at the airport on time and do we have anytime to stop and visit any sights on the way there?

We have a Eurail global pass. Must we reserve trains, if so how far in advance?


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You don't need to reserve most trains in Switzerland, including these. You do need to buy a separate ticket from Gimmelwald to Interlaken (show your Eurail pass for a 25% discount when you buy it in any train station). How to Look Up Train Schedules Online gives you the DB train schedule link and tips for using it. The Swiss site,, works similarly. From Gimmelwald to Zuerich Airport takes at least 3.25 hours, usually with 4 connections at a fast pace, but allow 4 - 5 hours for more leisurely connections.

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You'll also have a MUCH more leisurely travel time if you ship your baggage ahead of you to your final destination in Zurich. That way you don't have to hoist up and down over and over and over again all the way to the airport.

In fact check here at this link to learn about actually checking your bags in for the flight home at many railway stations in Switzerland. They'll actually print out a boarding pass and check your luggage and you don't even have to think about it until you arrive home. Isn't that nice???

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One can't use the above program for transatlantic flights. Be careful shipping baggage ahead. You often have to drop the bag off very early in the morning for same day service. Any later and it won't arrive until the next day.