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Getting to Murren by Bus

Hi, I am planning to visit Murren this July. Resources on the internet are a bit confusing about how to reach; while most articles say that taking the single-carriage train or the cable car are the only ways to reach, points out that there are buses from Stechelberg to Murren. I will have a car, so taking a bus would be great after parking at Stechelberg, but I have not been able to find any other resource about the bus.

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I think you are misreading what that page shows. Your query was from the Stechelberg Hotel to Mürren, which involves taking the 5 minute bus ride from the hotel to the base of the gondola (the Schilthornbahn) in Stechelberg itself, which then you must ride up to Mürren. There are no roads to Mürren. It's halfway up a steep mountain, so you can imagine how difficult and expensive it would be. The local folks use the gondola to transport everything up to Mürren, even cows. So, you can park at the Schilthornbahn in Stechelberg, and then ride the gondola up. Once you see the relative locations of these places, you'll se they are not that far apart horizontally, it's just there's a mountain in the way.

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It is a regular Swiss Postbus, and it goes from Stechelberg to Lauterbrunnen, where the cable car up to Grutschalp originates. At Grutschalp you transfer to the little train that goes to the Mürren train station (usually with 2 carriages in my experience)

But if you are parking at Stechelberg you could just take the cablecar straight up to Gimmelwald and transfer there to the Schilthorn cablecar, which stops at Mürren. The cablecars are timed and you just walk off of one and onto the other.

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You might find it easier to use the car park in Lauterbrunnen and use the BLM cable car and mountain railway to Mürren. I'm sure one of the others will be able to provide more information on the location and costs for the car park.

After you've parked in Lauterbrunnen, walk to the rail station and buy tickets to Mürren, specifying the BLM route. Once you've done that walk across the street to the convenient cable car station. As I recall there are both stairs and an elevator leading up to the boarding level. It will be a short few minute trip to Grütschalp, and when you arrive the small mountain railway will be waiting. Board that and in a few minutes you'll be in Mürren.

If you'd rather park in Stechelberg, that's also an option. As I recall, the car park isn't far from the Schilthornbahn. Once you've parked, walk to the Schilthornbahn and take the very steep cable car to Gimmelwald, and then walk across the platform and transfer to the next cable car for the short ride up the hill to Mürren.

If you have the SBB app on your phone, you can also buy tickets using that.

Either method will get you there. The Schilthornbahn and BLM railway arrive at opposite ends of Mürren.

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Thank you so much, everyone. Given that I will have a car anyway, it looks to me that driving to Stechelberg and parking there, and then taking the cable car via Gimmelwald is a cheaper option. Thanks for all the helpful advice.

I just saw that tickets from Lauterbrunnen to Murren are surprisingly cheap, so I will explore both options closer to when I book and decide. Thanks for the help!

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Murren is on top of a high cliff, there are no buses. They might have tried it but only once.

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regarding parking -

at Stechelberg the car park is an open air nearly paved simple carpark with some lines to park between. Lots of larger vehicles are there but it is mostly cars, and an ice cream stand and easy access to the bus stop and ticket office, and the cable car.

at Lauterbrunnen there is the smaller open air ungated but strictly enforced church car park. It is on a slope so be aware of that. It is a short walk through the town to the cable car up to Grütschalp and onwards on the train to Mürren. Slightly cheaper than the alternatives but a little less convenient.

Also at Lauterbrunnen is the covered multi story car park. Slightly more expensive but that's never stopped me. Fairly large spaces and many of them. Pay your ticket before you go back to the car, like at Stechelberg. A truly simple walk on the level from the correct floor under the road and right to the cable car and ticket office. My preference.

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and definitely no busses to Mürren. Physically not possible.

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If you are looking at the fare from Lauterbrunnen to Murren on the SBB website (“surprisingly cheap”), make sure you are considering that they assume you have a half fare card.