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Getting to Chur from Interlaken Ost

Can I please get some advice to get to Chur from Interlaken Ost. I will have the saver day pass on this day.

When I did a search on, taking the interlaken express will take me 4h 18 mins. But if I take the IC81 train (direction Romanshorn), that will take 3 h 43 mins. The IC 61 train (direction Basel) will take the same, but seems to have one more transfer.

So there really is no incentive for me to take the interlaken express. Is there an equivalent express train via Bern or is the IC trains above it?

Also the walking route on SBB, that says 14', is that 14 mins to the other platform?

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I just plugged in chur to Interlaken ost on the SBB app and the times I am seeing are all 3 hours 18 minutes to 3 hours 43 minutes. I don’t pay attention to train names or numbers. I like the shortest route with the least amount of changes around the time I want to leave.

I believe the 14’ is 14 feet. It depends on what station you are changing at, but the platforms are usually pretty close. And don’t worry about missing a connection, you can just get on the next train.

So, take whatever train looks the best for your time.

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I believe the 14’ is 14 feet

Surprising that a European rail planner would have and abbreviation in "feet". No, it is minutes. When I look at the schedule on, the 9:00 am departure from Interlaken Ost (direction Romanshorn), it arrives at Zurich HB at 10:58 on Platform 33. The departure to Chur is on Platform 8 at 11:12, so obviously it is a 14 minute connection.

Platform 33 is on the underground platforms at Zurich HB, so you will take the escalator up one level, then walk on the passageway to the escalator marked for Platform 8, which should be only a few meters, then up that escalator and you will be standing on Platform 8. Should take all of 1 minute to do this.

However, if you want to go by the most scenic route, you could take the Luzern-Interlaken Express at 9:04. At Luzern, take the Voralpen Express at 11:39 to Pfaeffikon, then the IR 35 to Chur at 13:41, getting to Chur at 14:43. It is tricky to get SBB to show this itinerary because it has long transfer times, 44 minutes in Luzern, and 47 minutes in Pfaeffikon. You can see that it is 2 hour longer travel time than by the quick way though Zurich. But that is an option. On a Saver Day Pass, you can go anyway you want.

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Thanks Sam, I would have thought they would have estimated how long to walk to the platform. So the connection is 14 minutes apart but to get to the platform would in your example be 1 min.

I need the quickest route to Chur, so I think going via Zurich is probably the way to go.

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Surprising that a European rail planner would have and abbreviation in

Good point! I need to switch my American brain over to European mode. :)