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Georgia Scouts head to Switzerland/Venice Miss Daisy

Good Day to all!

Our GS troop is heading to Our Chalet in Adelboden Switzerland. We have a reservation for 12 June 2015 to 20 June 2015. We will be flying into Zurich on 9 June 2015 to get us into Europe on the 10th and taking a train to Bern Switzerland. We will stay in Bern Switzerland from the 10-12 June 2015. We will tour Old Town on the 11th and head to Adelboden on the 12. No worries! When we arrive at the hotel on the tenth I will be sure the girls don't go to sleep till after dinner!

Here lies my question? How do I get from Zurich to Bern and Bern to Adelboden on the 10 and 12th?

Our 8 day trip to Adelboden/Our Chalet is 1300 for room board and activities. I thought that was a great Girl Scout price.

We will also be going to Venice Italy after our 8 day excursion in Adelboden Switzerland/our Chalet.
My Questions for this leg of the trip.
Are there churches we can sleep in in Italy?
Should I purchase rail tickets before I leave the states for Venice via Milan?

What ideas can I give the girls as far as things to do in Venice besides eating and taking a gondola ride? Keep in mind these are high school aged girls!

Any help will be a big help!
Miss Daisy

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Swiss trains run all the time and don't need reservations on these routes. How to Look Up Train Schedules Online gives you the comprehensive DB train schedule link and tips for using it. The international and Italian train tickets are sold for reserved dates and times, with some advance discounts available for advance purchase (maximum 3 months ahead) or for groups of 10 or more.

Convents are popular places to stay in Rome and other cities, so booking those ahead is a good idea. See lists from Santa Susanna and Monastery Stays. See also Youth Hostel links.

The list of great Venice sights is long. You might start by showing some of Rick's half-hour videos to stream online. In addition to expensive, "romantic" gondolas, you can take cheap vaporetto/public boat rides down the whole Grand Canal and all around. Just walking and taking a "photo safari" is another great activity in Venice; go ahead and get lost, knowing that you're on an island and can't get too far. If it's in the budget, you could also look at a mask painting seminar.

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Swiss Rail gives groups of 10 or more discounts of 20% plus every 10th person travels free. Additionally, 16 and under travels half fare.
Zurich airport to Bern is a direct train and they run frequently (about every half hour).
Bern to Adelboden will require a connection on the Post Bus.
How many do you plan on taking? Much over 20 and the Post Bus may only be able to haul so many at a time. Then I would think about contacting a travel agent that specializes in group travel, as they can set up charter bus transfers, They can also score airline tickets under a group contract.
Lastly, do you need any chaperones? :)

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Zurich to Bern is a simple one-hour train ride. To get to Adelboden, you will take a train from Bern to Frutigen, and a Postbus from there. You will need reservations on the Postbus for your group but these may come with the group travel arrangements. You can contact SBB at the website Sam gave you to arrange for group fares.

From Adelboden to Venice! you will start by returning to Frutigen on the Postbus. From there you travel south to Brig, then Brig to Milan, and Milan to Venice. There is a direct train each day from Brig to Venice with no changes, which would simplify the journey and the booking process as you could do it all through SBB. It departs Brig at 9:44 am; to catch that you would start with a Postbus from Adelboden to Frutigen around 7:50 am. You could check the SBB website ( or for English) to see if there is a later direct train. If not, and the 7:50 departure is not realistic, you can change trains in Milan and book Milan to Venice on the Italian website, I believe they also offer group discounts.

As for what to do in Venice, the whole place is a work of art and so different from anything they have seen before, the girls ( and you) will just enjoy exploring. We might be able to come up with a list of interesting sights which you could turn into a "treasure hunt." The basilica of San Marco is a must; especially if you include a visit to the balcony with the replicas of the much-traveled horses (the originals are just inside). They might also enjoy the tour of the doge's palace, especially the Secret itineraries tour ( must be booked in advance). Other interesting things for teens would be the Rialto Bridge and nearby fish and produce market, the Accademia bridge, the Dorsoduro waterfront ( Zattere), the small back streets of San Polo with nice little shops, gelato anywhere, the views from Punta del Dogana, the ghetto, a walk down Strada Nuova, a ride down the Grand Canal on the vaporetto. . . That is just a start. If you have runners or swimmers in your group there are some nice running routes ( only in early morning) and two very nice public pools. And beautiful churches ( my favorite is Santa Maria dei Miracoli) and amazing buildings everywhere.

Try to get them to learn a bit of the history of Venice and its place in the world so they will appreciate what they are seeing. It may be full of tourists today, but at one time Venice was the head of a powerful merchant empire based on supremacy of the seas. You might also encourage them to watch a movie filmed in Venice. Our favorite is Bread and Tulips, a light comedy, but the story involves a woman who ( to everyone's approval) leaves her philandering husband to stay in Venice where she found happiness. Summertime is a classic, with Katherine Hepburn, but may be too dated for teens. Maybe they would like The Tourist, a thriller/comedy with Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie. Then you could go for dinner at the moderately priced restaurant/pizzeria Rosa Rossa, which Johnny Depp frequented during the filming in Venice. He signed the ceiling and left a jacket, which is now displayed in a glass case, the subject of many photos if you happen to end up in that room.

There was another Girl Scout group that got help here with a trip to Our Chalet and Italy. You could use the search function to find posts by Felicia, and her final trip report.

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this is a duplicate question and there are answers on each copy.

It is usually better to keep all the answers together....