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Geneva to Villars sur Ollon area

Hey y'all. First trip to Switzerland. I've booked a week at a ski resort in Villars sur Ollon for January. Flying into Geneva, in need of a couple of days to adjust from travel before I start skiing, lest I plummet to my death....(dramatic pause here). Where to spend a couple of nights in the general area? I love to stroll about a town, eat leisurely meals, and drink in the local scenery. I can tolerate the cold very well with my insulated underwear plus 20 pounds of fat.

Also, any advice re train travel from Geneva to Villars sur Ollon would be appreciated. I have learned of a service through the railway that will send luggage to a train station destination and hold for a few days, so that I can travel with a small piece of luggage in the interim and send the larger ski luggage on ahead. Has anyone done this?

Thanks so much,

The Curious Goddess