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Geneva to Jungfrau region

Greetings to you..

am planning to visit 3-4 nights in first week of May with my wife for honeymoon...Arriving into geneva and planning to visit jungfrau region any one of the villages as suggested from my previous post...Need your suggestion on which village to choose and where to stay ....Appreciate if you could provide transportation information and things to do...thanks for your time..

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Do you have Rick Steves’ Switzerland guidebook? He answers all of these questions. Transportation is varied and you really need a guidebook to help you in planning and during your trip.

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I don't see your previous post?

As for transportation info: check (Swiss railways) for train schedules from Geneva Airport to Lauterbrunnen or Grindelwald (two railheads in the Jungfrau region).

The train is, by far, the best means of transportation, but point-to-point fares are quite expensive. It usually saves money to do one of the following:
- Buy a 120 CHF "Half-Fare card" for each traveller, which entitles you to buy tickets at half price for all trains and most mountain railways (including the ones in the Jungfrau Region)
- Buy a Swiss Travel pass for the duration of your stay, which covers all train travel to any village in the country (tickets not needed) and gets you varying discounts on mountain railways (e.g. 25% for Jungfrau, 50% for Schilthorn).
The first option is usually cheaper, unless you move around a lot.

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Thank you Balso for reply...My plan is to arrive into Geneva then train to Wilderswil ( Hotel) 3 nights explore near by places Lauterbrunnen, grindelwald & murren...and return to paris.

Advise ideal train ticket/pass option for the above plan...and also suggestions on which mountain to visit and activities to do nearby.


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Regarding your plan, a half-fare card looks cheapest:

The card costs 120 CHF, and every ticket will be half-price after that:
- GVA Airport - Wilderswil 38 CHF
Excursions in the Jungfrau region:
- Schynige Platte 32 CHF / worth it for you since it starts from Wilderswil!
- Schilthorn ~65 CHF / better than Jungfraujoch for most
- Wilderswil -> Basel 32 CHF

Total cost approx 290 CHF.

BUT a 4-day Swiss travel pass might be more convenient since you won't need tickets except for mountain railways.
- 281 CHF for the pass
- about 50 extra for Schilthorn
and if you happen to schedule, say, a day trip to Bern if the weather is bad, it will be included.

You'll have to decide whether the convenience is worth a potentially higher price.

You need a separate TGV ticket from Basel to Paris: buy on SNCF, prices vary wildly, the sooner the better.

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Thank you again for detailed reply...If my understanding is correct swis 4 days pass is better than half price ticket card.. Have checked Basel to paris train schedule and tickets in you said it varies from EUR 50 to 145 for first week of book tickets from geneva airport to Basel..should i check in SNCF or Swis rail pass covers in this lane..


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No such thing as "better".
1. Half-fare card is cheaper, by a few dozen $ each
2. Swiss travel Pass is convenient (no need to buy tickets!) but a bit more expensive (unless you do a BIG day trip one of the days)

I am cost-sensitive and don't mind planning and buying train tickets, so I would pick option 1. But if you never bought a train ticket in Europe before, you might prefer option 2! The cost difference is not that huge, we are talking less than $100 for two people.

As for Geneva Airport to Wilderswil and Wilderswil to Basel: Swiss travel Pass covers it. No ticket needed if you choose the pass.

Half-fare card would also cover it, but you would need to buy half-price tickets on top. The half-fare card is basically a discount card, no more.

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Thank you for detail..Have booked lowest fare available from Basel to Paris ticket in SNCF at 50 CHF for 2 passengers...Will go with the Half fare card...

Do i need to reserve tickets in advance for half fare card & other intra swiz train tickets for lowest fare( Geneva aiport to wilderswill and back to basel) or this can be also bought closer to travel date...Does the rate fluctuates or it is same throughout the year...

Thanks for your time..

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Buying tickets in advance is entirely optional and unnecessary in Switzerland. You can just buy at the station or on your phone when you are ready to go. Be sure to choose half fare tickets.

One exception: since you have to be in Basel at a certain time (I'd recommend aiming for an arrival in Basel 20 minutes before your TGV is scheduled to leave), you can buy the Wilderswil-Basel ticket online in advance (up to 60 days) to grab a discounted "Supersaver ticket". It is only valid on the train you choose. The discount won't be huge. Don't try this for Geneva-Wilderswil because you don't know how long it will take to get thru the airport on arrival.

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Thank you again...One last question...Understand zurich is 01 hour shortest distance by train...Which train lane is more scenic Zurich to Wilderswil or Geneva to Wilderwsil...thanks..

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1/ The fast route from Zürich to Wilderswil is not scenic.
2/ Geneva to Wilderswil is better, especially the stretch between Lausanne and Bern - seat on the right-hand side at least for 20 minutes after Lausanne for stunning Lake Geneva views!
3/ There is a scenic route from Zürich to Interlaken / Wilderswil, via Luzern and the Luzern-Interlaken express, but it takes one hour longer.

So if the price difference in flights is large... go with the cheapest I guess.