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Geneva Airport to City Center


We will be on the RS My Way Alpine tour in August. After the tour ends in Chamonix, we will be heading to Geneva for 2 nights before flying home. I'm having trouble finding affordable transportation from Chamonix to Geneva city center. All the shared transportation that I've found ends at the airport. There doesn't seem to be any shared transportation that would take us to the city center, only private transfers, which are very expensive. I know there is a train directly from the airport to the city center. Our hotel is very near the train station & we will be using the train when heading to the airport to fly home.

My question: does anyone know if it will it be easy to access the train from the airport to the city center when not arriving via plane?


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It is very easy to get to the airport train station as it is outside of security. Trains are about every 15 minutes and cost 4 CHF, taking 7 minutes. There are also buses about every 5 minutes for the same price, taking 30 minutes.

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There are very frequent trains from the airport to city center. Unless things have changed in the past few years there are also city buses which will take you from the airport to downtown. Several years ago I traveled frequently all around the Geneva area by bus. The bus system is excellent. There is quite possibly an app which you could use to make your way around the area. Does anyone know if an app is available?

If you like flea markets, there is a big one on Plainpalais every Wednesday and Saturday. And there is a bus to take you there. The Red Cross Museum is also interesting.

I wish you all the best on your trip.

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Or you can take the train or coach from Chamonix to Geneva. If affordable is important it costs €19 to travel from Chamonix to Geneva with Flixbus.

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Yes, it's easy to access the train (or bus) from the airport. I assume you'll be dropped off at the departures (top) level of the airport building. Assume you are exiting that same building, so when outside look to your left and you will see a bus stop about 75 yards away, as the road curves around. You could take bus 10 or bus 5 which will bring you to the train station at the city center (Gare Cornavin). Bus map at

Or, you could look near that bus stop for a stairway that brings you to an underground mall with both stores and the train that can take you to Gare Cornavin.

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With the opening of a new railway...just in time for the pandemic, the train from Chamonix to Geneva is now a viable option. It still takes longer than by road (about 2.5 hours), but it takes you to several stations all over Geneva (including Cornavin), departures are frequent and the connection in Saint Gervais is both easy and well-timed.

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Travelergirl: the flea market does sound interesting & we will be there on a Saturday.

Thanks everyone! I will look into these transportation options.