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Geneva Airport Guidance

I'm planning my first European trip. I have never planned more than a roundtrip vacation. I need help planning an extra flight with details. We are flying to Paris for 3 nights, then taking a train to Annecy, France for 3 nights. I read we can take a bus to Geneva. Can I fly from Geneva to Florence! If so, how do I book and how long is the flight? I'm looking at Kayak to help me find flights to SFO- Paris, and then flying back home Milan-SFO. I just don't know how to figure out a flight to go from one country to the next.

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Swiss International Airlines flys direct from Geneva to Florence. Just go to there website and book it.
They do not fly to Florence direct everyday however.

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May I ask why you are visiting Geneva in Switzerland? It’s pretty, but it does not have the majesty and spectacular wow factor of the Alps. There is a reason that Rick recommends the Berner Oberland is the best place to go in Switzerland. Also just know that Geneva is a pretty small airport. If you want more options Zürich has just about anywhere you would like to fly to. And it’s easy to get pretty much anywhere in Switzerland using the trains.

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We planned out trip to relax in Annecy. I just don't know the best way to go from Annecy to Italy. What this the cheapest and fastest way? We would like to see Florence, surrounding area, and Cinque Terra.

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We will be riding the train plenty of hours during our time in Italy. I just want to get to Florence quickly. I heard there are European airlines that are cheaper to take from country to country. I also may have heard that is only available during the summer. If train is the best way, then we will do that. I just wanted to get to Italy and start that your.

With a Saturday travel day from Paris to Annecy, that day is partially gone - so it wouldn't be a full 3 days in that town, since check out is Tuesday morning. Maybe 2 nights in Annecy can be considered and more realistic? We just want this trip to be relaxing without rushing around from place to place.

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I'm now looking at train options. Would it be best to go straight from Geneve to Florence? Is it possible to get to Florence faster if we went to Milan and switched trains? Or is it best to stay on one train even if it takes more time?

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To look up flights, use this site. Then purchase thru the airline itself.

Hit the multi city tab and fill in your dates.
Hit send and flights for most airlines will show up at the top of the page. Some are less expensive, but require transfers. If you choose one of these be sure you have least 2 hrs transfer time.

Lufthansa has direct flights to Paris they're more expensive but direct, no stops on the way over.
On your return from Milan you will have a transfer in Frankfurt.

Edited. Spelling. United and Lufthansa are partner airlines, check to see if their flights are less expensive.

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I'm now looking at train options. Would it be best to go straight from Geneve to Florence?

Why are you fixed on Geneva? If you want to go from Annecy to Florence, look up trains from Annecy to Florence, not from Geneva.

Is it possible to get to Florence faster if we went to Milan and switched trains? Or is it best to stay on one train even if it takes more time?

Trains don't work that way. You will have to change trains (use multiple trains). Trains are an interconnecting network, you rarely get from A to B on the same train, only if they are adjacent cities.

"There is no way to get from Annecy to Florence really quickly." - precisely

I looked up some train times, and found the following as the fastest option (7h20):

Annecy depart 14:39, Chambery-Challes-E arrive 15:37
Chambery-Challes-E depart 15:44, Torino Porta Susa arrive 18:15
Torino Porta Susa deoart 19:20, Firenze S.M.N. arrive 21:59

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Since this is the first time I have ever planned a European vacation, I know I didn’t do it perfectly. I’m asking for assistance and grace. This trip is revolves around visiting Paris, Annecy, Tuscany, and Cinque Terre. We are not renting a car. We are trying to make the best of it (Sept 16-Oct 3) - first and last days are dedicated to travel). After 4 nights in Paris (originally 3 but we found better airfare switching days), followed by 3 nights in Annecy (yes, 3 nights was intentional - this is what we based our trip around), we want to move on to Siena as a base to visit Tuscany (we already have 4 nights reserved in an entire apartment with a rooftop terrace and we don’t want to cancel). Long story short, we need to get from Annecy, France to Siena, Italy on Tuesday, Sept. 24th. I understand there is a train. However, we would rather spend a few extra bucks to arrive in Siena sooner than later. We don’t want to use an entire day to travel. I’m looking at riding a bus to Geneva Airport in the morning. It looks like average flights are nearly 3 1/2 hours. As soon as we land in Florence, I would like to take a bus straight to Siena. I’m nervous about booking a flight since baggage rules are so rigid but I just need to figure it out before actually booking. Any advice on transportation from Annecy to Florence and flights from Geneva to Florence with best airline and baggage info? Please give me all of your opinions for me to make some decisions. Thank you for your help.

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By the time you have reached the airport and gone through security and checked in and checked in your luggage and then your flight and then getting your luggage and getting into the station in Florence to get either the bus or train to Siena, I think you will find that the train will be about as fast and much more comfortable. And much more scenic.

I'm sorry that you picked two places to join that are both off the main routes. Particularly getting out of the mountain areas takes a long time.

Yes, it will take all day no matter how you do it.

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I hear the rational. I now know it will be a long travel day. We will take it in stride and enjoy the view. Now looking at train travel details - hoping to find an early morning ride.

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hey mcmac
how exciting your first trip to europe, you'll love it and have a great time. don't get discouraged, takes a lot to plan a trip but in the end it pays off.
did you find your flights SFO-PARIS-MILAN-SFO? you would do a multicity. i always look at departure and arrival times. if too early do you have early check in or baggage hold at hotel and not late nights to check in after going thru customs and passport check. taking cab to hotel. it can get overwhelming but you can do it.
we are planning a trip something like this same time as you (sept 15-oct 1). fly to paris, spend 1 night, take a train to annecy, cab to geneva for 2 nights, back to annecy for 6 nights, train to paris for a week. it's a fun and relaxing trip, been to paris 3 times. no museums, eiffel tower, monuments been there done that. plans changed so we picked geneva since it's close by.
your train to annecy will leave from gard de lyon station in paris, book your trip early (3 months out) for a cheaper fare. i use took awhile to book transportaion since it's not a clear thru shot from A to B. your train from annecy to milan to florence will be a long ride. you probably buy first part ticket separately then milan to florence. (use italian names: torino, milano, firenze SM)i use kayak to look at airfares, probably best to take a cab to geneva airport to get the earlier flight to get to florence so you can get to siena. about $100 and worth it.of you need a name i have one.
any others questions just ask here, we're here to help you make things go smoothly.