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fly out of Zurich or Geneva? Taking more Lauterbrunnen days after My Way Alpine tour

I'm thinking of going back to Lauterbrunnen from Chamonix when the My Way Alpine tour ends (on Sept 18), and enjoy the area for two more days. Then, it will be time to fly back home.

I need suggestions from experienced travelers as to which airport I should fly out of, considering the transfers I have to take from Lauterbrunnen: Geneva or Zurich airport? For an inexperienced traveler, which train transfer(s) is the simpler way to take from Lauterbrunnen to these airports? I have to consider the cost and the amount of time the train transfers will take to get me to either of these airports.

Thank you for your help.

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Zurich airport is closer at under 3 hours and 2 connections, but travel to Geneva airport only takes 45 minutes longer. All connections are relatively easy in Switzerland. If you do travel from Chamonix to Lauterbrunnen, you will have 5 connections; this might be a day that you want to check your luggage through and just enjoy the ride.

If you'd like to explore a new area, it's also easy to head from Chamonix through Switzerland to any location on or near Lake Geneva, and then fly out from Geneva.

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Surprisingly, Zurich is a little shorter time wise at 2 hours 45 minutes. Geneva is 3 hours 22 minutes. Price is exactly the same, both require a minimum of 2 connections, one at Interlaken Ost and one at Bern, Depending on your departure time there may be one more at Zurich Hauptbahnhof or Spiez.
You will find more connections back to N.A. at Zurich.

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If all you need is the airport, go to Zurich. Go to Geneva only if you want to see Geneva.

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It sounds as if the train travel and number of connections is virtually identical with Geneva taking slightly longer. I am always looking for the best value when traveling so I think I would base this decision on which city gives you the best value on your flight home. Look for fewer connections on the flights or a difference in price.

One other thought, since you must connect through Basel either way, why not see if there is flight from there?

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Thank you very much, everyone who responded with their tips. I really appreciate that you share your expertise. Your ideas will surely help me in planning.