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Flights from Switzerland to Berlin

Our last day on our Switzerland trip is in Luzern (Geneva-Zermatt-Interlaken-Luzern) and then we will fly to Berlin to meet friends. Is it better to fly out from Luzern or Zurich. I assume we can get to Zurich by train and have good flight options, but would we have less hassle if we flew out of Luzern?

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It’s super easy to get to the Zurich airport from Lucerne. No hassle at all. The train from lucerne takes you to the train station right inside the airport (Zurich Flughafen) in just over an hour. If you check for times on the SBB train app, you can even pick a train ride that does not require a change of trains at the main Zurich train station (Zurich HB) outside of the airport.

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Omg, what a rookie question I posted! You can tell this will be my first trip to Switzerland. Thanks for being nice.

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Another option you could consider on that route is travel by train. Although it would be longer, it would be a much more pleasant, relaxing and less stressful trip. European airlines often have restrictive and costly baggage limits, so you'd need to consider that also. I tend to prefer train travel even if it is a bit longer, just to avoid the usual "dog & pony" show and hassles of airport travel.

Here are some points to consider.....

  • Fly Zürich to Berlin - it will take about 1H:15M from Lucerne to Zürich airport. Add to that another 2-3H getting to your gate, security, waiting times, boarding, taxiing time plus a flight time of about 1H:25M. Upon arrival in Berlin it will take more time to taxi to the gate, deplane, collect checked luggage (if you're using checked luggage) and then getting into the city. The whole trip will likely be at least six hours (basically a full travel day).
  • Train Lucerne to Berlin - On current schedules, there's a departure from Lucerne at 05:54, arriving Berlin Hbf at 14:32 (time 8H:38M, one 10 minute change at Basel). Current cost shown is from 39.90€ PP. Although it's an early departure, you'd be able to rest on the train. You could buy a small breakfast at the station prior to departure as well as a beverage, or buy something on the train (the train from Basel to Berlin indicates a "Bordrestaurant"). Train travel would certainly provide a nicer view of Europe from the ground.

Either way, that trip is going to require the better part or a full travel day.

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Note that although you can't fly out of Luzern, you can book from Luzern with Swiss (and other airlines). The train station even has an IAT code: QLJ