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Feedback on Stoos ridge hike from Klingenstock to Fronalpstock

Hello! I will be staying in Lucerne for three nights in July and would like to do some hiking. I've heard of the Klingenstock to Fronalspstock hike and I wondered if anyone has done it. It sounds like a beautiful hike. I am a 62 year old female who is in fairly good shape (I run, bike, and lift weights regularly). I'd love to do the hike but I will be traveling alone and I always get a tad nervous about hiking solo in case anything should happen.

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You'll be fine if you're in relatively good shape and are an intermediate level hiker. Its a typical Swiss ridge hike - the path runs along the ridgeline (or straddles it back and forth) with a steep drop on the sides. Its well worn, with steps and chains as needed. As long as you don't suffer from vertigo or have a fear of heights you'll be fine. Just use common sense while you're hiking (or taking pictures) and pay attention to the weather. If you go there on a weekend, you'll be in the company of many Swiss families; during the week you might see fewer people on the trail but you definitely won't be the only person on the trail at that time of year.

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Thanks for the input! I'll be arriving in Lucerne on a Saturday afternoon so maybe I'll try to get the hike in on Sunday when there are more people around. I don't hike all that much but I run regularly and I'm not afraid of heights. Thanks again!