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Falling sick in Geneva

We are traveling through Switzerland and my wife has got sick with fever and bad case of cold - flu etc
What would you suggest ?

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Tony, go straight to the nearest pharmacy (big green cross outside). It is now 21:00, so most will be closed for the night, but there is usually one 24-hour pharmacy, ask at your hotel.
Most pharmacies are trained for doing an initial assessment, and deciding if they can provide a solution or of you need a doctor. If they say you need a doctor they will be able to direct you to one. And most pharmacies (and certainly the 24-hour one) will have someone who speaks passable English.

See this list of 24 hour medical services here:

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Thank you Chris - I just did that and got some medication for the night .
We shall review in the morning if she does not overcome the fever.
Actually - with some cold compress - the temp has already started to break and she is able to rest peacefully

I really appreciate the quick responses on this forum - it is god sent

Thanks again guys

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Pharmacists can usually do more diagnosing and dispensing in Europe than they do in the USA. For instance, to sell antibiotics without a doctor's prescription.

[Edit] Oh, good. I see you did that.

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Just an FYI.

We were in Luzern several years ago when something similar happened. We went to the train station (seriously) where there was a 24 Emergency Room. It was Friday, we were there about 45 mins, it cost about 150 CHF (including 3 medicines given to us by the doctor themselves), and we were out in 45 minutes. We were very happy with the service, doctor, et al. Amazing really. Friday night in a US ER might have run into the next morning and cost a lot more than 150 CHF for all we received.

Never been to the Geneva train station but either check online or ask your hotel receptionist.

A better trip for you guys!