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Euro Tour - need help!

Hi All - here is my euro trip iterinary:

8th april - fly from india to amsterdam
9th, 10th - stay in amsterdam
11th - travel from amsterdam to paris via the Thalys train (reach paris by 1 PM)
12,13,14,15,16,17 - stay at Paris
18th - travel from paris to Interlaken via TGV Lyria train (reach interlaken late night aroun 12:18 AM)
19 - stay at interlaken, want to visit jungfrau for sure
20 - travel to lucerne later during the day (have bought a 4 day consecutive swiss pass)
21st, 22nd - stay in Lucerne (want to visit titlis, pilatus, lake lucerne etc)
23 - travel to zurich via local train (tickets booked), reach zurich by 8:15 AM, take flight from zutrich to india at 12:44 PM

Need all of your help to now identify:

1) what are must see places/ things/ markets in amsterdam? must do's for me - canal ride, van goh's, anee franks house.
2) What are must see/ and do's in Paris - I want to take a 2 day trip to disneyland, must see for me - notre dam, effiel (dinner/ lunch at the effiel - is it worth it?), arch de, montmarte, moulin rouge, 1 day trip to palace of versailles etc.
3) I will travel from interlaken to jungfrau, I have a 4 day consecutive swiss pass. what would be the best way to travel and how much would it cost with the swiss pass. what else should i do in interlaken apart from jungfrau?
4) What all to do in Lucerne? I want to visit Titlis and Pilatus, what would be the best way of travelling and how much would it cost with the swiss travel pass? What else to do in Lucerne apart from these?

Thanks all for your help and suggestion!

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On the 19th if the weather is clear visit the Jungfraujoch as planned. Depart as early as possible since the clouds gather in the afternoon up there. If the weather is poor or cloudy, then skip the Jungfraujoch and do something else. Here are some poor-weather suggestions:

Brienz has a wonderful open-air museum filled with traditional Swiss buildings, traditional farming techniques, etc. From Interlaken you can take a brief train or boat to Brienz and then a short bus ride to the museum. The museum and the train/bus are covered by the Swiss Pass.

You can rent a bicycle and enjoy the relatively flat area around Interlaken. You could also take the train to Lauterbrunnen and rent your bike there. Riding up and down the flat valley is lots of fun.

The Lauterbrunnen valley also has Trummelbach Falls, which are a fascinating piece of geology - waterfalls inside a mountain. Covered by the S.P.

Lower-altitude hiking trails should be open in April. Check with your hotel or tourist office for a map and advice on exactly which trails are open.

The city of Luzern has plenty to explore aside from the nearby mountains. The old town is lots of fun to walk. The Rosengart museum has a collection of Picassos and other modern art. The Swiss Transportation Museum is fun if you love trains and such. Both museums are covered by the S.P. Since you have two days in Luzern, I'd set aside one just for the city and the other day for mountain excusions.

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I think you have Amsterdam covered. 3 prime things in 2 days is enough, you'll be tired the first day. Maybe add the Rijksmuseum if that is you interest.

Paris: Get the Navigo Semaine pass for 22.15 EUR plus a 5 EUR initial fee. Bring a 25 by 30 mm passport type photo that will be attached to the pass. That will cover your transport by Metro, RER, and bus for the entire Paris region, including Versailles and Disneyland. It will expire Sunday night, so get the day trips out of the way before that. Monday and Tuesday, you can just buy single trip tickets for less than 2 EUR each.

Have you bought your Thalys and TGV tickets yet? If not, now is the time to get discount nonrefundable tickets. For the train to Interlaken, if you have not already purchased it, take an earlier train. Don't get hung up on the direct train that gets you there after midnight. There are earlier trains at the same price with a single easy connection in Basel.