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Entry Questions- Hit A Wall

Hello all,
I've been looking all over (including official Swiss sites) for answers to my questions and even emailed the embassy in NYC and I am have not gotten anywhere! If anyone knows or know where to turn to next I would greatly appreciate it!
1. No where does any site talk about entry by train. Is the covid test still required if not entering my the stated ways (air or car). I am coming from Lyon France to Lausanne Switzerland
2. The new rules say you must test anytime between your 4th and 7th day in the country. I am leaving on the 7th day, am I still required? Is this a condition for being able to leave?
3. If I am required, none of the Swiss sites actually say how to send the information to the canton you're staying in. It just says to 'inform' them. No directions given.
4. The form that converts your CDC card to the Swiss QR code asks about your last vaccine shot. Mine was a booster of Pfizer so it makes it look like I am only half vaccinated on here because it simply asks for number of shots. I have no idea how to fill this out with a booster (3rd shot)

Thank you all in advance for your help!!

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5oly: #4 above.
Booster shot: We were able to get the QR code for our booster shot, which appears in "wallet" on our phones. On it it states "3rd dose, date...etc." I can only speak for the canton of Vaud which requires the CDC card's QR code when applying for the Swiss Covid Certificate.

Just saw the post below where someone arrived in Switzerland yesterday, and mentioned the requirements for entry.

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Also I still don't see a way to list all the shots in the QR code application. It says last shot and number of that type

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In looking at the application for tourists,

you list the type of vaccine received (comirnaty for Pfizer), the number of doses (3 if you have the booster), number of doses required (I would put 2 since the booster is not currently required), the date of last dose (the date of your booster) and the country administered (USA). On the next screen to upload files, you would include a picture of the CDC card which will have all your doses listed.

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I took it as # of doses of that vaccine type. I had 2 Moderna and 1 Pfizer thats why I'm confused. I would have said my last shot was Pfizer and it was only 1

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Fill out the Travelcheck and see what it tells you:
My guess is yes, you probably need to have the PCR test, as it applies to all arrivals into Switzerland unless you meet one of the exemption criteria.
As far as entering by train, my understanding is that there are spot checks when the border guards go through. Bus and airplane operators can check before boarding, but it is more difficult with trains. When I came by train from Italy, they did check a few people in my car, but not everyone. Since your entry form is also registered, in theory they could check on you at your hotel etc. Low likelihood, but you never know.

According to BAG, here is the info regarding 2nd test that might help:
After entering Switzerland: Once in Switzerland, everyone aged 16 and over must take another PCR test or rapid antigen test between the 4th and 7th day after entry. For people entering the country and leaving before day 7 (and staying for 6 nights), another PCR or rapid antigen test is not obligatory but recommended. The test result and the number of the entry form or a copy of the contact card must be notified to the canton. (click on Test Requirement)

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Re: your question #2 about the test 4-7 days after arrival
I was in Switzerland Dec 10 -19. We waited as late as possible so we could overlap this test with the test we needed to get back into Canada. Covid tests aren't cheap in Switzerland, although they are easily available.

In none of the correspondence did it say anything about a penalty for not doing this test. The efficient people at the 2 covid testing centres we went to didn't know anything about it. The staff at our hotel didn't know anything about it. Still, I know rules are very important in Switzerland, so we endeavoured to fulfil this requirement. Unfortunately, the link they sent us didn't work. Everything was in German and we were using google translate, so that didn't help. When we were unsuccessful, we took our laptop to the receptionist at our hotel in Luzern, and she went through everything and tried for us. They say they will send you a code, and we didn't get one. She used her Swiss phone number, and didn't get one either. So I sent them an email. I had already used this email once before and got a reply. That was 6 days ago and I haven't heard anything. I will pursue this because I need to be able to visit Switzerland in the future for family and don't want problems.

Today, on one of my Swiss travel groups, someone said it wasn't really a requirement, but something they want you to do. They gave a link that I need to pursue.

Anyway, the absence of a stated penalty for non-compliance suggests this isn't necessarily necessary. If anyone knows differently, please send a link.

I traveled to deal with a family problem, and we had some fun too. But all the Covid things were an added stress, and I certainly wouldn't be traveling internationally right now if only for fun. (Coming home and getting off a 10 hour flight in Vancouver and lining up for a PCR test was probably the low point)