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End of 3 week trip - 3 days to see Switzerland by train - Suggestions?

We are flying into Munich, renting motorcycles and spending 18 days exploring Italy. This part of the trip is planned and booked. We will have 3 days after returning motorcycles in Munich and would like to use Swiss Pass to explore Switzerland, but must be back in Munich Day 4: AM to catch plane. What routes would you suggest?
Day 1: Thinking of heading to Luzerne, spending night and either doing Rigi or Pilatus next day. Where would you go by train from here?
Day 2: ?
Day 3: ? Must end up back to Munich airport by 3:00AM Day 4
***And just when you think you have your plans they change!!!!* We are now leaving Munich on Sept. 18th and heading to Switzerland. Flying out of Zurich on the 21st.**

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I would do Bern from Lucerne. Bern is a nice small city that can be taken all in - in a day. The beautiful Aare river running along the entire city is wonderful. Bern is the Capital also, so that is a bonus. The old town is a nice place to shop and stroll along the city streets with many different kind of shops and restaurants.
Good Luck!

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Have you checked train schedules? Munich and Lucerne are not in close proximity. Salzburg is a 2 hour train ride from Munich and is easy to explore. What about a spa day after 18 days on a motorcycle? Erding, on the outskirts of Munich, is a good choice for that if they’re open during Covid times. What are your interests?

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We were just able to change our flight to leave from Zurich on the 21st. So now we return bikes in Munich on the 17th, spend the night. Leave Munich on the 18th and head to Switzerland. until 21st. Have a 3-day Swiss Pass.

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The trip from Munich to Lucerne will take ~5-6 hours, which is most of the 18th. You could easily just stay all 3 nights in Lucerne, do day trips on the 19th/20th and then head to the airport on the 21st from Lucerne (unless you have an early morning flight, in which case you'd need to stay overnight in Zurich on the 20th).
For day trips you have most of the country within a 3 hr train ride from Lucerne, so it just depends what you want to see and how long you want to sit on the train.
Or are you set on staying overnight somewhere else on the 19th? You could also consider starting elsewhere on the 18th and then working your way back to Lucerne... for example Munich-Bern on the 18th, Bern-Berner Oberland-Lucerne on the 19th, Lucerne (Rigi/Pilatus) on the 20th. A bit hectic for me, but you'll get your mileage on the Swiss Pass...