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electrical outlets in Stechelberg on BOE 21 day tour

Does anyone recall really weird outlets at the hotel in Stechelberg? I ask because I have a plug that says it's for Switzerland and it resembles the typical European plug but it has a 3rd prong in between the normal two.

Has anyone staying at Hotel Stechelberg had need for this special adapter?

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Hi Kathy -- I brought specialized adaptors for Switzerland and definitely used them in Stechelberg. I didn't even try to use the other adaptors so I don't know if they would work or not. I think not???

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The socket for Swiss outlets is diamond shaped. If you don't have the correct adaptor, lodgings can usually provide a lender.

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I did not have special Switzerland adapters. My adapter kit has 2 Europe adapters, one with 2 thicker pins, one with 2 thinner pins. I took both and would have used one of them at Hotel Stechelberg, but I definitely do not have one with a 3rd prong. I charged my phone every night and did not encounter a problem. I actually couldn't remember, so I just went and pulled out my adapters to see. The kit I got was either from Kmart or Bed Bath and Beyond and has about 6 different adapters. I have used the European ones and the one for the UK.

On the other hand, the adapter is light and I would put it in whatever bag you are using to contain your adapters and cords and take it with you.

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A Swiss plug looks like this:
and it goes in a socket that looks like this:

It is not weird, all Swiss plugs and sockets are the same throughout the country, they are just different from those in Germany France or Italy!
The 3rd pin is not "in between the normal two", the 3 pins are in a triangular formation. If the 3 pins were in a line, that would be an Italian plug.

For 2-pin plugs, standard 2-pin Europlugs fit Swiss sockets, and also fit the sockest in most other European countries. It is just the position of the 3rd (earth) pin which varies between countries.

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Oh, Chris.....I hope I didn't offend. It was not my intention....that is the adapter I have for Switzerland so I shall put it with the others!

Planning for European vacation isn't as easy as it looks.....even if you are going on a tour!

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None taken. I just meant it wasn't pecular to that hotel, the sockets in my flat are the same!
I keep a GB to CH adaptor for the use of visitors, and CH to GB as well as CH to Schuko (German) for when I go on my travels.

Enjoy your trip.