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Electrical adapters for Switzerland

We are going to be in Switzerland and need to obtain adapters before we leave from the US. From my research, it appears there are 2 types of outlets in Switzerland; the flat version and the Shucko or recessed version. Is that correct? I've been hampered in England by this situation before when confronted with a recessed outlet that wouldn't take my flat adapter, even though the prongs were the correct shape and size, and as much fun as that was, I don't want to repeat it! Can anyone suggest the best adapters to get for Switzerland? We are staying in an older hotel in Wengen and another in Lucerne, but I have no idea what style adapters would work for their outlets.

Many thanks!!

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"it appears there are 2 types of outlets in Switzerland; the flat version and the Shucko or recessed version" - incorrect.
Swiss plugs and sockets are unique, there is only one type and it is different from those of any other country in Europe. They are not the same as Schuko, Schuko plugs do not fit in Swiss sockets.

The standard 2-pin "Euro-plug" (2 round pins), does fit Swiss sockets, but 3-pin (earthed) plugs from other countries do not.
PIcture of a Swiss plug:

New sockets are recessed, older one are not, but that is irrelevant, they both take the same type of plug.

Don't bother to buy a plug adapter before you leave. They will probably (out of ignorance) mis-sell you a "Euro adapter" which works in most of Europe but not in Switzerland. Your hotel will probably lend you an adapter, otherwise you can buy them at a "good electrical shop". Look for "interDiscount", which is a large chain.

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Yes, those look like the correct 2-pin and 3-pin plugs for Switzerland.

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I agree with Chris, just ask your hotel desk for an adaptor. This method has never failed. And yes, a Shucko plug won't properly fit in a Swiss outlet.

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Thank you for posting in this forum. I did not see your post when I posted my same question under the "packing" forum.


Thank you for the information on the correct adaptor. I will be in your country in the first part of September. I did email my hotel that I am staying and they said they have a number of adaptors available on first come first serve basis. I do have the two prong adaptor someone posted. I feel that I am now covered and check this off my packing list.