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Easy Hikes in Murren


I need advise for very scenic and easy hikes around Murren and Wengen areas. I will be staying in Wengen in October and have already decided this hike:

Mannlichen to Klein Scheidegg

Please suggest other very scenic hikes.

  1. How is First to Baschee?

  2. How is Mürren - Allmendhubel as shown on the website

I cannot find any information on how to reach this place. Do you recommend this hike??

  1. How is Murren to Gimmelwald as Rick suggests"?

  2. Grütschalp - Mürren ??

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I'm unfamiliar with "First Baschee", but have done quite a few other hikes in this area.

If you are staying in Wengen, there is an easy, circular path just outside of town which leads to the beautiful view points at Mönchblick, Hunnenfluh, Leiterhorn and Staubbachbänkli. There are great views of the Eiger, Mönch, Jungfrau and the Lauterbrunnen valley.

Allmendhubel is just above Murren. From Murren, you take the Allmendhubel funicular to get there, as shown on the website you provided. There is a very short and easy "wildflower loop" at Allmendhubel itself, but my favorite hike is the "North Face Trail" from Allmendhubel back down to Murren. It's a very nice 4 mile hike, mostly downhill, which takes about 2.5 hours.

The Murren to Gimmelwald hike is very easy, along a mostly paved path. All these hikes are well marked with signs. Rick's guidebook has details about the Mannlichen-Klein Scheidegg, North Face Trail and Murren-Gimmelwald hikes. The Tourist offices in Wengen, Lauterbrunnen and Murren will have other options as well as maps.

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First - Bachsee - First
Hiking time: 2h30
Difficulty: easy
Elevation: 2149 - 2300 m
Distance: 5.8 km
Terrain: meadow, high Alpine terrain
Region: Jungfrau region (Bernese Oberland)
About the trail
There are various hiking possibilities from First (pronounce as 'Fierst'). Some of the routes lead to other mountain tops or bus stations, but you may want to do an easy trip leading back to First. Walking to the Bachsee (Bachalpsee) is a good choice. This small mountain lake is situated on the foot of the Faulhorn. Even in summer, there may be ice floating on the lake. Your way towards the lake starts with an ascent but the remaining part is pretty easy because of the wide and even path. You can rest near the lake and enjoy the great view of several peaks such as the Schreckhorn.
The Bachsee is popular and therefore visited by many people. One of the reasons may be that this path offers the passage to one of the most popular hiking routes in the Bernese Oberland: the one from First to Schynige Platte.

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Thanks for the answer to your own question. I still haven't heard of that one.

Good luck, I hope you enjoy it.

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Lots of good info here. Grutschalp-Muerren is very nice and also easy. Get of the lift at Grutschalp and follow the well-signed trail to Muerren. After lunch you can take the path to Gimmelwald and then the lift down to the valley or back up to Muerren. BTW the North face hike is very nice, too and we love the Schynige-Platte. It can be cold in October so be prepared! We actually saw snow in Muerren on Sept 1 last year! I was glad I had a pair of light gloves.

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I haven't done a lot of hiking in that area, but a few comments....

  • Mürren - Allmendhubel - That's a very easy hike through some beautiful alpine meadows. As previously mentioned, first take the Allmendhubel Funicular up the hill. From the Funicular station you'll need to walk down the side of the hill and into the valley. As I recall, there are a couple of small hotel / restaurants so you can stop for a beverage if you like.
  • Mürren - Gimmelwald - again very easy. The path is a bit narrow but paved (you may have to move over for small farm SUV's at times). The walk down to Gimmelwald is about 30 minutes as I recall.
  • Grütschalp - Mürren - I haven't done that hike, but from what I've seen the path follows the BLM railway tracks for the most part. There are some slight inclines but I don't remember any steep sections.

Of course, if you're staying in Wengen you'll have to take the train down the hill to Lauterbrunnen to access any of the three hikes mentioned above.

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I've done a few of these hikes mentinoed; Mannlichen to Klein Scheidegg, Murren to Gimmelwald and the North Face trail from Allmendhubel down to Murren, which is beautiful! I suggest getting Rick's Switzerland guidebook, which lists all of these. As Rich mentioned, the Tourist offices in the various towns can give you even more options as well as maps.