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Early Breakfast In Landquart station

Before boarding the Bernina express at 8:00 to Tirano, I am looking for places to have cheap breakfast in Landquart station.

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Are your staying in a hotel that will not serve breakfast at that time? The surest plan is to buy supplies at a grocery the evening before, or some hotels will pack a breakfast for early departures.

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Does your lodging location in Landquart include breakfast? Many do.
The actual Bernina Express goes from Chur at 8:32. You will be taking a connector S-bahn from Landquart. Take the one at 7:48 so you arrive at Chur at 7:56 so you have plenty of time to make the change.
You can also bring breakfast items bought at a store beforehand. The seats on the Bernina Express have tables. If you would like coffee, they will be by with a cart you can buy a cup. You can bring juice and plastic cups along for an on board picnic.