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e-ticket print - paper size

Maybe a stupid question, but... I printed e-tickets (Swiss Travel Pass) on standard 8 1/2 by 11 inches paper. The instruction says print it on A4 size, which is 8.3 by 11.7 inches. Do I have to find papers that are exactly the size of 8.3 by 11.7 inches?

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I've printed out European event tickets on US 8.5x11 paper. The possible concern was the bar code on the tickets. My event tickets had a bar code that was scanned at the entry point. The instruction in my case was to print without scaling (expanding or shrinking) the printed copy.

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No, unless some important information is left off. You can also choose the "fit to paper size" option on the print command and it will shrink it ever so slightly. That will not effect the bar code or QR code information that a conductor will use his hand held scanner on.

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Here are some of the cautions specified by my e ticket:

Cautions on the ticket use:
Please read the cautions on the use of the ticket.
1. Print the ticket on a full white sheet A4.
2. Do not resize the ticket being printed (the two-dimensional bar code would be unreadable).
3. Check the data of the chosen event.
4. Check the presence of the two-dimensional barcode (top left).
5. Do not wet and / or bend the area where it is printed two-dimensional barcode.

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A4 is the standard size of paper in all European countries and, AFAIK, most of the rest of the world, apart from the USA which still uses inches. That is why the e-tickets are designed for A4. When they say "print on A4", they mean NOT A5 (half the size of A4), or anything smaller, because in that case the barcode would be too small to read.

But, if your paper is only slightly different from A4 it should be OK, so long as everything fits on the paper and the barcode is readable.

Long term solution: Stop using 8½ by 11 inch paper in the USA and change to metric A4, like the rest of the world :-)

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Just make sure that the barcode and any QR code are intact on the American sized paper and when you put it in your over shoulder bag don't fold the paper so that either has the fold through it... you'll be fine

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Thank you, everyone. I'll be very careful not to bend (or mess up) the paper :)

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I can't speak to Switzerland. But I have personally used e-tickets on French and Italian trains. The websites said to use A4 paper, but 8.5 x 11 worked fine with no problems. As said above, the main thing they need is the barcode, so make sure that area is not folded or otherwise compromised (smudged, etc).