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Does Berner Oberland pass cover cable to aletsch glacier trail?

I searched everywhere, and couldn't find any information regarding B-O pass and Aletsch glacier trail..
to get to Aletsch glacier trail... 3 options
1st option - get to Mörel to Riederalp
or 2nd option - Betten Talstation and take gondola to Bettmeralp
or 3rd option goto Fiesch and take cable car to Fiescheralp

Do any of the aforementioned options covered by B-O pass??
thank you in advance for your input..

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You get 50% off on the train from Brig, but no discounts or free travel on those Cable Cars. You are far away from the Bernese Oberland by now...

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Thank you, Laurel. This should be useful on our next trip to Bettmeralp.

Do we purchase this pass there? At the cablecar Talstation for Bettmeralp? I do not see a link to buy it online.

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Hi Laurel
The link is very helpful..
I have a same question w/Lola

B-O pass should cover the travel to Brig - and the train to Morel/Betten/or Fiesch is covered by Aletsch explorer day pass.
If we can't purchase the Aletsch pass online, can we purchase it in Brig station when we change train for the aforementioned stations??
thank you..

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I buy our Aletsch Passes at the BettenTal Station before ascent to Bettmeralp. Sorry, I don’t know if they sell them in Brig. Be certain to show those HFCs for the significant discount.

Now I want to go back to Bettmeralp!

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ok.. did some research and here is the link to purchase online for aletsch explorer day pass.

It says on the website... "the Aletsch Explorer cannot be bought in Brig - please buy it in advance in the webshop or in one of the sales points in the Aletsch Arena"

It also gives a work around... " Arrival from Brig: Can't you buy the Aletsch Discovery Pass in advance in the webshop and you need the train ticket from Brig? No problem, you can ask the MGB train staff for a travel voucher for the train journey from Brig to the Aletsch Arena and have this credited at the Aletsch Bahnen ticket office."

Ok.. now it's more clear now..

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Great find! Thanks, Gene. We are not going until September so I will wait a bit to buy, but it is good to know we can get it online.

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Thank you Gene and Laurel for the links for the Alesch Explorer Pass. It seems like a great deal.
We will be in Bettmeralp for 8 nights in Sept. We normally use the Swiss TravelPass, so I will have to do the math to see if the 50% discount on lifts with the Swiss Travel pass will be worth the cost of two explorer passes.

Laurel you mentioned that you found the Explorer pass worthwhile even with the discount with the half-fare card. Do you mean that with the half-fare card you get a discount on the purchase of the explorer pass or with the travel pass or half-fare card you get a discount on the individual lift prices.

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Steve, I said

We found it worthwhile especially with the discount that comes with a Half Fare Card.

By "especially" I meant that the HFC gives you a discount on buying the Aletsch Pass, as does a Swiss Travel Pass. Works the same with the Berner Oberland Regional Pass.