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Do Swiss banks allow visitors to...

My issue is that I collect and trade coins - in all of my trades, the other person gets what they want for their collection, but I ask for coins from currencies of places where I plan to travel (at a rate where I come out ahead considering the exchange rate, of course). I've collected just over 300 CHF in coins (half the number of them are 20 rappen coins), luckily everything fits in one large Ziploc bag. Will the local bank branch on the corner work with a non-citizen or with a non account holder? If so, do they have coin counting machines in their branches? I can get some Swiss papers and roll them up if I have to, but then we're back to the question again of if they will even work with me..
Thanks! Hopefully Switzerland/Austria May 2021!

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I'd just use it as spending money. Given the cost of things in Switzerland it shouldn't take long to deplete.

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I agree that you can just spend them if you make an effort to take the time to do so instead of always using cards or bills. For example, today I paid 25 CHF for parking at a meter that took only coins, not cards or bills. Won't take you long to get through 300 CHF doing that! I agree the little ones are more of a nuisance, but just hold your ground and count them out when you pay for things. It's not uncommon to see people doing that here, where cash remains more widely used than in North America. That's changing now with COVID but cash is still used a lot.

Sorry, I can't answer your question directly as I have never tried to take coins into a bank for exchange in Europe. I'm one of those types who just hold up the line to pay exact amounts, whether previously in Alberta or in Europe ;)

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I've found the easiest way to spend coins in Switzerland is to just ask the clerk to help me count out the correct coins. I've never had anyone decline, and I've always encountered clerks to be quite honest.