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Do I have to make reservation for Switzerland scenic route trains in mid Sept?

Hi, after read Rick Steves' book, it looks like I don't have to make reservation on all scenic trains (I bought the Swiss Pass), is this right? Which routes are required for reservation with a Swiss Pass? Which routes are optional? Do you think the standard trains are just fine? I like the standard trains time flexibility. Your advices are appreciated. Thanks!

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You don't have to make reservations on any trains in Switzerland, and in most cases it is not possible unless you are a group. For the scenic trains you only need a reservation if you want to travel in the special scenic (large window) carriages. On some (the glacier express for example) you can get a meal at your seat, which you also have to reserve and pay for.

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based on your other post you got your pass from Rail Europe, they would be glad to explain your options and sell you a reservation. Or as in my case, they might tell you that depending on the time of year you don't need one. You can also buy a reservation directly. On the Golden Pass for November RE told me not to bother, and they were right they were plenty of seats, although I saw several seats marked with little RESERVED doilies.