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Day trip to Black Forest , germany from Lucrene or Zurich


I was planning day trip from lucrene or Zurich to Black Forest
I will be in switzerland from 1st july till 9th july. Mainly in Lucrene area.
I was thinking to do day trip to black forest area in Germany thru car.

  1. Will be able to cross the border with my schengen visa or i need separate visa for germany?
  2. Which is the best place to visit Black forest since i am planning day trip only?

Thanks in advance

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1) A Schengen Visa is by definition valid for the whole Schengen Area. No separate visa for different countries.
There is no passport control at the border. Switzerland is not in the EU, so there is technically customs, but they rarely stop tourists or other travellers, just commercial vehicles.

2) You could do this by train. There are some train routes through the Black Forest, and connection buses. It would need research to plan a round trip that could be done in one day.
But, since this is a day trip, and you did suggest a car, I would choose the car. Head north on the Autobahn from Luzern, cross the border and plan a slow drive through the forest, stoping in a few of the villages, including for lunch.
I would suggest looking at a map, and doing some internet searches to find places to go to or through