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Day trip or 2 days to Luxembourg or Liechtenstein?


Has anyone done day trips or 2 day trip to Luxembourg or Liechtenstein from Zurich recently?
What would you recommand? Any good hikes in particular or other activities? Any suggestions are welcomed.
Any festivals that you know of during the first days of August?

Thank you so much!

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Well Aug. 1st is the Swiss National Holiday - like your 4th of July. There will be parties, fireworks and speeches ...

Luxembourg might be worth the extra day, but Liechtenstein is definitely a day trip at best.

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Wouldn't Luxembourg be a bit far for a day trip, or even an over-nighter?

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Collecting little countries and got as far as the "L"s?

If you are in Zurich I would suggest visiting locally - certainly Luzern and the area around with Pilatus and especially Rigi. Loads of hikes on Rigi. Plenty of extraordinary scenery on and around the Vierwaldstaettersee (Lake Lucerne in English) and maybe the most beautiful large lake you will see in many a day.

The town of Zug and its lake is no slouch either. How many towns have you seen with a lakeside promenade with snow covered mountains all around, with exotic birds in cages under the trees right on the waterfront - free to visit with no entry charge?

All areas of Switzerland have spectacular scenery to one degree or another, some more than others, and I give Vierwaldstaettersee and the Lauterbrunnen Valley mountain villages and area a full 10 out of 10, and Luzern 8 out of 10, I would give Liechtenstein 3 out of 10 if you have to pass through, 1 out of 10 if you have to make a special trip.

Luxembourg is a much larger country, with many many attractions, than it looks on the map. The city of Luxembourg City is very different from anywhere else in Europe with pastel coloured cinderella towers, caves and casemates, valleys and bridges crossing bridges, all on multiple levels connected by ramps, stairs, walking paths, and lifts/elevators and escalators.

The country itself is worthy of many a day. Each region is different to the others, everything from meandering riverside paths and bridges overlooked by beautiful vineyards, to agricultural areas, to the area of the major battles of the Battle of the Ardennes (Battle of the Bulge) with a world class volunteer run Battle of the Bulge museum at Diekirch. And the clifftop castles, oh my.

And General Patton's grave with those of his men just a few miles out of Luxembourg City.

And Trier is a very historic German city with Roman roots which is adjacent.

Points out of 10? For me, as I drive through it every year and always stop, maybe 7 or 8. But it is so blimmin far from Zurich. It really is a long way, either driving or even further by train. There is so much fabulous scenery and hiking, and boating, and beautiful towns and vineyards both sides of the Rhine, oh so very much. There are huge swathes of Germany and France before you get close to Luxembourg. Rhine ... Moselle ... Black Forest ... Alsace ... Heidelberg ... the list is huge.

So, my idea of going to Luxembourg as day trip? Almost impossible. As an overnight, worthy of a 1 or 2 unless you have exhausted everything in between. If you have a week, 7 or 8 or 9 depending on your preferences.

I hope you have a great trip.

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Wonderful replies as I always get on this forum. Thank you, thank you.

Nigel, yes, no countries left behind for me ;)
I actually am going to visit Portugal before...and found a flight to LUX for a good price. And then I started researching this little country. I was hoping to go East...but it is not easy getting out of Lisbon/Algarve at a good price in July or August.
I will look into your suggestions! Lake Lucerne does seem stunning!

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Oh, do any of you gentlemen know if it is better to purchase Luxembourg City/Zurich train tickets much in advance?

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No, I don't know, but I doubt it. Have a look at the DB website to choose a route. Could be through Germany or through France.

Then go to the SBB website to look at fares. Uncheck the box which defaults to having a half price subscription. Put in a date next week for the route you chose and record the price you find. Then put in the date you want to go and see if the fare is different.

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Bought my Luxembourg City to Zurich ticket the day before...and was cheaper than what I had seen online a month before leaving.
Trains were far from being full. So I guess booking last minute is fine for this route if anyone wants to know.
Luxembourg was lovely. I really enjoyed the city and perhaps because I was there during a weekend...It was very much vibrant and I would go back! Market on Saturday was great. And they had open air cinema in the city at night too.

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"Trains were far from being full. So I guess booking last minute is fine for this route if anyone wants to know." That's usually the case everywhere in Europe for non-sleeper trains. The only reasons to buy in advanced are to take advantage of advanced purchase discounts (if available), or if you have a large group and you want to guarantee seats near each other.