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Day trip into Switzerland?

Hi y’all! So we were in NYC en route to Germany to go to the Christmas Markets when we heard all the Bavarian ones were cancelled. We quickly rerouted into Alsace but now I’m scrambling to figure life out. So my question is this:

For a day trip by car from France into Switzerland, do we need the digital Swiss Covid pass? I tried to complete the form for it online but it’s demanding a Swiss address for the first night there and we don’t have one. We are fully vaccinated with boosters. We are going to go to a pharmacy today to try and get the EU Pass but one of our travelers doesn’t have their own cell phone so we aren’t sure how that will go. Thanks for any insight you can provide!

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At least in Germany, you do not need a mobile phone for the certification. You get a print-out with the QR code from the pharmacy, which you can then scan into the app. But you can also use the paper document. I assume it is the same in France, though I am not sure.

Also, if you are in Alsace, you know that things in Baden-Württemberg aren't closed right now, right? Although, they very well may be by next week.

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You don't need a cell phone for the pass here in France, either. They WILL need to upload their pass to the Tous AntiCovid app, but I am thinking (maybe wrongly) that they could do that on their iPad or something as long as they have WiFi. Or just to the website. I then printed my French/EU health pass, and I just carry around the printed page with me (it is a lot faster than pulling out my phone and bringing up the app every time i need to go into a restaurant or museum).

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We cancelled our Christmas market trip this year until December 2022….please report back when you get home……would love to hear about your trip!

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I have no information, sorry, but am interested in your answer. I'm going to Switzerland and thinking of popping into France.