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Day tour out of wengen Switzerland

We will spend two nights in wengen. Does anyone know of a tour company that does any types of train trips or hiking trips out of that area to see the best part of Interlochen. We will be there in two weeks. We are looking for just a day trip.

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Most people in Interlaken would do daytrips to Wengen because Wengen is so much more magnificent high in the alps. People don’t go from Wengen down to touristy trinket McDonald land Interlaken. The only thing that might remotely interest you is catching one of the lake boats on either Lake Brienz or Lake Thun. And for those you don’t need a tour just go to the ticket counter in Wengen and buy a ticket to where you want to go and hop on the train. It really doesn’t get much simpler.

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IMO, You are in Wengen, stay there.. Plenty of hiking and mountain trains right there. No need to travel out of the valley to Interlaken. I do not know of any tour companies in the area, we used the RS guidebook and this forum for ideas. We were in Murren for 4 nights and had no shortage of trains and hikes!!!! Enjoy!!

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We were in Wengen this summer and took a day trip to Grindelwald. In grindewald we took the gondola up the mountain to first cliff walk. There were amazing views and although I am not a huge fan of heights, it wasn't bad since the walkway is right alongside the cliff. We started hiking from there to a lake that I cannot recall the name of but thought we didn't have enough time to be able to catch the last gondola down the mountain. I would highly recommend Grindewald as a day trip, no tour company is necessary.

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If I had two nights in Wengen here is what I would do. (We spend one or two weeks a year in the Lauterbrunnen area, FYI.)

  • arrival day, assuming there is daylight left, walk out to the Staubbackbänkli, 30 minutes each way, paved and very easy. Ask at the Tourism office for the map. Gorgeous views.

  • next day, assuming good weather, ride the lift to Männlichen (leaves right from Wengen) and walk 90 minutes to Klein’s Scheidegg. Magnificent. Have lunch at the restaurant with the large Mountain View terrace just before the final descent to Kleine Scheidegg.

  • take the mountain train down to Lauterbrunnen (passing through Wengen) and walk out to Staubbach Falls or even further if you have energy.

  • return to Wengen

The next day, if you have time before departure, maybe a cruise on Lake Brienz, a walk around Interlaken (Rick Steves has a 45 minute town tour in his guide book), or another walk in Wengen like the Mönchblick Walk on the Tourist office map.

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The internal Trümmelbach Falls in the valley floor are also very interesting if you run into a rainy day and can’t go hiking. I heartily agree with the other comments; you won’t want to leave the upper area of Wengen, especially to go to Interlaken.

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You have to go through Interlaken (spelling!) to get to Wengen when you first arrive, it is the entrance to the side valleys leading into the Jungfrau region.
If you want to go back to Interlaken, just catch a train, no need for a tour.
No hiking there, it is a town in a wide valley. The hiking is all in the Jungfrau area around Wengen.

For a full day tour, I suggest going to Luzern and back again, nice old town (much better than Interlaken) and to get there is a scenic two hour train ride, past lakes and lots of views. You will change trains in Interlaken, 'coz its the only way in or out.

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However if you're okay with narrow trails and steep drop offs, there are some trails at the top of the Harder Kulm funicular (10 minute walk from one of the Interlaken train stations) that offer great lake and mountain views. Just note that the funicular can get very crowded on summer nights- lots of people trying to maximize value from a Jungfrau or other transit pass and the funicular runs through and beyond dinner time unlike, say, the gondolas to First.

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If you are in Wengen for two nights (only two nights) that is only one full day. If you went all the way there to such beauty why for goodness sake would you want to go somewhere else on your only day there?