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COVID test prior to Zurich departure back to US

So I've been to the CDC site and understand the requirement is still in place to test within a day prior to boarding for re-entry (though I'm still holding out hope they'll drop this by the time I fly June/July).

Does anyone have specific recommendations for how/what test to use? I've heard of the self-tests that are monitored by a remote clinician but don't know much else. Is there another easier way to get a rapid test in Switzerland. I haven't booked our last night before flying out of Zurich (we'll be in Murren the day prior and fly out early afternoon on July 11). Anyone done this and have recommendations/links?

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I used the proctored self-test at my hotel and it was super easy. I plan to do the same next month if the test is still required.

When I ordered the tests last year, I think they were delivered in 2 days. I’m going to wait another 2 weeks before I order mine for my June trip in case the testing is no longer required. Since your trip is not until July, I wouldn’t think about this until about 3 weeks before your trip.

This is where I got mine from and will use them again:

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I second the idea of using proctored self rests. Your health insurance company should reimburse you for them (at least the test kit cost).

Covid tests in Zurich are expensive. The cheapest one I found in the outskirts costs CHF 50 per person.