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Covid requirements and a Connecting flight in Zurich

Hello forum!
I'm considering booking a return flight to the US from Porto, Portugal, that has a connecting flight (and long layover in Zurich). I thought it might be nice to break up the return, have a short exploration of Zurich, and then catch my return flight to the US. However, I was wondering if Switzerland has exclusions for US tourists, or if the same Covid test that is required to get me in to the US, will allow me to take advantage of the layover and explore Zurich. Any thoughts?

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I’m not sure when your trip is or how long you will be in Portugal prior to entering Switzerland. Currently, vaccinated tourists arriving from the US can enter Switzerland with proof of vaccine and an entry form. The requirements may be different if you are not entering directly from the US. You can enter all your info. here (travel check from the Swiss Gov.) to see what you would need: