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cost of travel from lucerne to Mt pilatus/ titlus

Hi I am planning a holiday to Switzerland from the 20th of august for 8 nights. We are a family of 3 adults 2 seniors and a child below 6 years. I have been trying to work out our costing for day trips from lucerne to Mt pilatus / titlus ....wengen to jaungfraujoch. ....zermatt to matertthon including train bus cable rides. Unfortunately the map shown on the site is only upto lucerne or wengen or jaungfraujoch without the costs involved for cable rides or mountain trains so as to decide whether to go for the swiss pass or the half fare card. Appreciate all help in anticipation of a solution. Cheers

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The map on this site is rough estimates only. You can get real prices at
example: Luzern to Mt Pilatus return ticket is 78.20 chf for adults and 39.10 chf for children under 16.
Wengen to Jungfraujoch return ticket is 166 chf for adults and 83 chf for children.
Zermatt to Gornergrat return ticket is 84 chf for adults and 42 chf for children.
If you travel on a pass or Half Fare Card, you can get a free Swiss Family Card so children under 16 can travel with you for free. Jungfraujoch is a special case and may only give a 25% reduction.

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Thanks, Sam, for your research. Other resources: Rick's Switzerland guidebook includes many transport costs in those regions. See also Jungfrau prices for more around the Jungfrau area. A Swiss Pass for 8 consecutive days at $400 per adult covers a lot of transportation and museums, such as to Wengen or Muerren, but might mean that you have to buy a (hopefully) short ticket on the first or last day of your "8 nights."

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I just did a few of these a few days ago.

Lucerne to Mt Pilatus roundtrip was 45 SF w/ 1/2 fare card (so regular price is 90 SF)... I went from Lucerne by train to Alpnachstad and then up the cog train and back down the mountain by cable car and caught the number 1 bus from Kriens. I bought my entire roundtrip ticket at the rail station and they gave me a coupon for 10 SF to use at the self service restaurant on top of the mountain.

Lucerne to Mt Titlus was about 65 SF roundtrip including the train tickets to Engelburg with the 1/2 fare card (so w/o 1/2 fare, it would be 130 SF).

Zermat to matterhorn on gornergrat was 40 SF round trip with the 1/2 fare card. Brig/Visp to Zermatt is 20 SF each way (40RT) with the 1/2 fare care.

I took the train from Interlaken to Jaungfraujoch which was 100 SF roundtrip with the 1/2 fare care. I'm not sure exactly but the Swiss pass covers a certain portion of the train up the mountain and then Swiss pass gives 25% off the rest of the journey.

Hope that helps.

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Thanks a million guys have given me precise answers to all my queries !! Appreciate all your help. Cheers! !