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Construction interrupting train service to Brig (and Zermatt) after 10:40pm until June 27th

I just read on the SBB site that travel to Brig & Zermatt from Gevena Airport (on the southern route through St Maurice) requires a bus reroute service until June 27th.

From the website:

Construction work: St-Maurice (SBB CFF FFS)
Construction work: Train services at St-Maurice station are suspended. Long-distance trains IR
14xx + 17xx Brig - Genève-Aéroport are cancelled between St-Maurice
and Bex. Regional trains R 44xx Brig - St-Maurice - Monthey are
cancelled between St-Maurice and Monthey. Replacement bus services are
operating St-Maurice - Bex + St-Maurice - Monthey. The bus/train
connections are guaranteed in St-Maurice, Bex + Monthey. Please allow
for approx. 15 - 20 minutes more travel time. Duration of construction
work from 15.06.2014 until 20.06.2014 from 22:40 until close of
services. Duration of construction work from 22.06.2014 until
27.06.2014 from 22:40 until close of services. Please listen to the loudspeaker announcements in the train. Please note the information at
the station.

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The usual route from Geneva to Brig is along the north side of the lake (via Montreux and Martigny) and that is not affected.

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Looks like the interruption is on the route between Montreux and Martigny...buses connect between St. Maurice & Bex until the 27th.

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OK, I see what is going on. I could not find any alerts for that route until I looked for trains departing Montreux after 22:00. The track work will take place late at night. The daytime and evening trains are not interrupted at all.

You might want to edit your post so it does not unduly alarm everyone who is thinking to traveling to Brig or Zermatt from Geneva or Montreux. Most travelers will not be affected.

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Good catch...looks like it only affects people traveling in the area after 10:40pm.