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Confused about cable car prices/paragliding


My wife and I are driving from Zurich to Stechelberg and will be staying at the Edelweiss Superior in Murren in late June for 2 nights. We may want to visit Schilthorn depending on costs. On the last day, we are paragliding from Murren to an area close to the Schilthornbahn station. I have a few questions:

  1. I looked online and the cable car from Stechelberg to Murren looks like it is two trips (Stechelberg-Gimmerwald then Gimmerwald-Murren). The price looks like 108CHF. Is that round trip? Is each leg 108CHF?
  2. On, I see a price for "Stechelberg-Schilthorn return" for 108CHF . Does "return" mean round-trip? And does this include the rides through Gimmerwald and Murren?
  3. On the last day, after we land in the valley from the paragliding, I assume we'd have to go back up to Murren to get our bags from the hotel. I was wondering if the paragliding outfit might take our stuff down so we don't have to do this and pay for another cable car ride. Does anyone have experience with this?
  4. Would getting a TravelPass, HPC, or BO card make sense at all?


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If memory serves the lift from Stechelberg stops at Gimmelwald and ends at Murren where you walk a few feet and continue to Brig and do the same at Brig to continue to the Schilthorn. It will make way more sense when you arrive. (I should remember as I have been there at least 6 times and stayed at the home of the Gondola manager but....). Return Stechelberg (bottom) Schilthorn (top) is round trip which includes the stops/transfers. I would ask the gondola crew to see if they will take your bags down and leave them at the station or send them down on the service lift for you. I have found all the crew workers to be very helpful, most live a short walk from the station. Two nights in Murren is short (makes me want to cry) and you may not have much time to use a pass, do you plan on going hiking? or to the waterfalls? J

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I don't know if this is your paragliding company but on the website at it says

Where do we land? Just next to the Schilthornbahn cablecar station, in
Stechelberg. We can give you a ride back to Lauterbrunnen, or if you
are feeling especially energised from your flight, the walk along the
valley takes less than 1 hour! Based in Mürren? Simply hop on the

A single journey Stechelberg – Murren takes 10 minutes and is

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A return ticket Stechelberg - Schilthorn does indeed allow you to travel from Stechelberg to Schilthorn and then back to Stechelberg. And in order to do that you will indeed take several cable cars in succession.

Getting a Half Fare Card might make sense if you plan on doing more trips on mountain railways and/or public transit. It would make most sense if you planned your trip in Switzerland without a car.

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I looked online and the cable car from Stechelberg to Murren looks like it is two trips (Stechelberg-Gimmerwald then Gimmerwald-Murren). The price looks like 108CHF. Is that round trip? Is each leg 108CHF?

The cost of Stechelberg to Muerren is 11.20 CHF each way. A far cry from 108 CHF.
Look up the price at www.sbb,ch/en

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  1. It's something like 11chf to go from Stechelberg to Murren. Not sure where you got 108CHF.

  2. If you're staying in Murren it will be 85.60chf roundtrip up to Schilthorn and back down to Murren. Unless you have any passes that allow you to get half price or other discounts. The Schilthornbahn is a cable car that starts in Stechelberg and you get off and back on to another "leg" of it at Gimmelwald, Murren, Birg and Schilthorn. So if you go up during your stay you won't start at Stechelberg, but at Murren (Murren > Birg > Schilthorn)

  3. No, they won't bring your stuff down. Just ride back up to Murren. You'll land right by the cable car station. Or ride down with your stuff to Stechelberg, put your luggage in your car and then meet the paragliding people at the Stechelberg station. You'll then ride up to Murren where you'll have a 10 minute uphill hike to the take-off point. You'll land down in Stechelberg.

  4. Your pass depends on what else you're doing outside of these 2 days. If you're going elsewhere in Switzerland you may want a Half Fare card or a Swiss Pass. For example, if you have the half fare card your Schilthorn trip will be 42.80chf instead of 85.60chf

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Since you are staying in Mürren you will be totally dependent on that cable car for you 3 days (arrival, stay, departure). You might look at the Berner Oberland Regional Pass for 3 days. You can also use the pass for the valley bus and to defray the cost to the Schilthorn.

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You're correct that the trip on the Schilthornbahn cable car from Stechelberg to Mürren is done in two segments. When you arrive at Gimmelwald, you'll need to disembark and walk across the platform and board another gondola for the very short trip up the hill to Mürren.

Since you're staying in Mürren, the cost to visit Piz Gloria / Schilthorn will be less than travelling from Stechelberg. If you have one of the passes, your cost will be CH 42.80 per person return. Here are the details - .

I've used the Berner Oberland Pass in the past and it has worked well. According to their website, the Pass provides free travel from Stechelberg to Mürren and half price on the Mürren to Schilthorn trips - .

I've done the Paragliding trip you mentioned, and it's a lot of fun! I opted for the in-flight photos and was glad that I had done that.

Two nights will only provide about one full day of sightseeing, which isn't much for that area. Is there any chance you could add a day or two to your trip. You might regret just staying for such a very short time.

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First of all, thanks to everyone who has replied! This information is great, especially pointing me to where I'm getting the correct and understandable pricing.

For those who say we will regret not staying longer, you are probably right. This is part of a tour of Europe to see several countries and we definitely will return to those areas that we find the most interesting. I've heard that after seeing Switzerland, most people I've talked to said it was their favorite thing in Europe. I will probably agree and will most likely return for longer. I am also visiting the Dolomites on this trip, so I've heard similar things about it as well.