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Colmar to Lauterbrunnen

Hello fellow travelers,

I've posted my 13-day itinerary on here earlier this year but have a specific question regarding one leg of the trip. We're spending 3 days, 4 nights in the Colmar/Alsace region and then making our way towards Lauterbrunnen. The current plan is to ride trains on the morning of July 2 from Colmar (technically Kientzheim - bus/then train) to Lauterbrunnen but that looks to be about 3.5 hours at least.

Considering stopping over for one night (maybe two?) somewhere in between Colmar and Lauterbrunnen to break up the trip. Considering Bern or Thun or Spiez area. Wondering if anyone knows of any nice B&B stays or other lodging in those areas and if you think that's a good idea? I know we want to get to Kandersteg to hike Oeschinensee sometime on our trip, so that would be a shorter ride from the aforementioned areas than Lauterbrunnen - but no guarantees on weather while we're close by of course.

Thanks in advance! FYI, leaning towards staying outside of the cities, so long as we can bus/train fairly easily :). But we'd be open to a variety of options...

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3.5 hours isn't that long and I wouldn't break the journey just because of that (I do not like 1-night stays), but of the places you mention, Bern is the most interesting to me! By the time you're in Thun or Spiez, you're "almost" in Lauterbrunnen anyway.

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I had a look at rail connections between Colmar and Lauterbrunnen and there seem to be numerous choices, about 3.5 hours and two or three changes. I didn't see a station specifically for Kientzheim.

A travel time of 3.5 hours is fairly standard and not overly long. I wouldn't bother making an intermediate stop unless there's someplace along the route that you really want to see. IMO, your time would be better spent in the Lauterbrunnen area, as it's incredibly beautiful and there's lots to see.

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The trains are so comfortable and you can get up and move around. I’d pack a snack and get to Lauterbrunnen as soon as possible. I would definitely not spend a night in Bern or Thun if it means taking a night away from Lauterbrunnen. Plus, you’d be wasting time checking in and out for just one night.