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Clothing selection for June

We will be traveling to Switerland for the first time in late June. We will be going up various peaks as well as touring towns. What type of clothing should we be bringing?

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I would prepare for four seasons, depending on how high altitude is. Alpine weather is fickle and can change without notice. Bring multi functional, lightweight clothing in layers.

Bring a few hand and body warming packs. They are small and can be used in place of one layer. Where do you live? There is $2 store chain from Japan called Daiso. They have locations in major metropolitan areas along the coast. They sell high quality hand and body warmers made in Japan. Their prices are much more affordable than those at REI.

There may be heat waves in late June. Swiss cities will be unbearably muggy, and most establishments don't have AC. Prepare for this too.

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I've been in May and July 3 trips total.
I 've been to the top of the Jungfrau (July 2021) and the Schilthorn (July 2017) and the top of Mt Rigi near Luzern and the Gornergrat overlooking the Matterhorn in May 2019. In all cases it was sunny (because you have to pay attention to the forecast before investing the money and time into any peak excursion and not force it) and I wore just a nylon waterproof windbreaker like Northface Columbia Patagonia etc. makes with a hood that covers the neck. Underneath that I wore two snug fitting long sleeve shirts like thermal and a flannel over that and everything was fine.

The key is to layer. But it depends on the person. For example I grew up and live in Chicago over 50 years.
And worked on a college campus where kids are wearing nothing in winter especially St Patricks Day.
Someone from Florida all their life may handle it differently. I do not need hand warmers. There are indoor parts on the peaks.
I wore shorts on top of the Schilthorn and was fine but would not go bare armed.
You just look at the forecast the day before and follow that it is pretty accurate.
Switzerland is a real gem for sure; it is among the most expensive and I don't make a lot of money but I am always thinking of going there and find a way.

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Weather in the mountains can be iffy, but I think you're safe leaving the parkas and mukluks at home. Sturdy footwear, a waterproof shell, and otherwise layers will be what you want to bring. Just went through two weeks in Switzerland with trips up Rigi, Pilatus and Stoos in various weather, and that's all we needed. Consider a light scarf (fashionable in Europe anyway), but I never needed gloves or wooly socks.