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Checking in from Switzerland!

We arrived via Washington DC with a 50 min. layover in Iceland. At the check-in counter for our flight (we couldn't get our tickets online without uploading all documentation) they asked to see EVERYTHING. They wanted our vaccination records or proof of negative test, the Iceland transit declaration AND the barcode from completing the information online (although no one ever scanned the barcode), our Swiss documents and of course our passports. It didn't take long though, all in all we had our luggage tags and tickets within just a few minutes.

Layover in Iceland was super smooth! Got through the long passport control line quickly and was only asked how long I'd be in Europe. Stamped my passport and moved right on to the gate around the corner!

In Switzerland it's been business as usual. As many know, you need your vaccine pass to enter any restaurants but there is SO MUCH outdoor dining! Everyone wears masks inside public buildings but not on crowded streets. If this makes you nervous, you may want to stay away from high tourist areas.

Thankfully we've had gorgeous weather! Yesterday was a pretty cloudy so we walked around Lucerne. I'm not much on cities so I didn't find it too appealing but we went to UNESCO Biosphäre Entlebuch as the skies were clear there. It was closed because it was Sunday, but it was still a beautiful drive and nice walk around the area. Lucerne was extremely crowded when we got back but enjoyed the sunset as we walked the lake again.

Today we hot Mt Pilatus early as it was clear skies this morning. If you're headed there, check the weather for the best day - and get there early! We took the cogwheel up and hardly had anyone else going up with us. We hiked for about 3 hours and couldn't believe how many people were there when we got back!

Anyway, not much to report in terms of COVID and issues. Everything has been normal and easy! Stress free. (Although we did learn the hard way that you CANNOT buy the half fare card at Mt Pilatus station...dern)

I believe there's been a change for entering so be sure to look at the Switzerland Travel Check before heading over! Also check your transit airport requirements. Iceland required extra forms and were very specific of the tests (even vaccinated required a rapid antigen - non-vaccinated must have a PCR)

Otherwise, hope you all make it to Switzerland and enjoy this gorgeous country!!

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Enjoy JL! We’re on our way back to States Wednesday after Switzerland. Austria and now Paris. Got our negative test results today and filled out paperwork. So tomorrow is Freedom Day before flight early Wednesday morning. Enjoy!

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Cchapin congrats on negative test results!!!!!! We still have a few more days before we have to worry about that. Unless we can figure out a way to stay here forever. :)

Jamie, you made it!!!!! I'm not liking Lucerne as much as I thought I would. Too many people!!!! But I was out walking this am before 7 and it was just me and the street sweepers and the little pesky bugs near the lake.

We took a trip to Bellinzona today and enjoyed the castles and no crowds.

Tomorrow we see MT Rigi. I called to double check and we are allowed on the boat as its public transportation but cannot enter restaurant area.

Enjoy your trip!!!!!

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Carrie, I’m sorry to hear that you are not liking Luzern as much as you thought you would because we are heading there after Lauterbrünen.
I guess any place would be hard to compete with the mountains surrounding the valley. We’ve been here twice before this trip, and are still in awe of how beautiful it is here.
We hope to do Rigi when we head to Luzern so I’m looking forward to reading your report.

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Carrie yes!!! So happy to be here!
I had some pretty photos of the bridge in Luzern and enjoyed a casual stroll around the lake, but in the afternoon and evening it was so crowded! I also was not a huge fan... but it was nice for a day! That's about all the time I needed to spend there though.

Happy to be in the mountains now! Hopefully you'll have good weather tomorrow for your adventure!

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Out of caution we both got a negative Covid tests yesterday and think, just 48 hours till leaving, that we are in good shape…..I have downloaded so many documents and filed them out that I cannot remember half of what I have: CDC vac card, passports, negative covid test and the Swiss QR code on our phones… ready to see those cows, mountains and dig into some chocolate and raclette!! Glad to hear all of you having such a good time……looks like the cow parades are a week or so behind where they were 4 years ago so we may have to juggle to see any……but so worth watching those families walk beside the decorated bedecked cows…..Carrie, hope you get to see this!!!

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So glad for everyone that we all finally got our trips in! Already missing Switzerland and Austria and Paris. We, too, did not like Lucerne, WAY too many tourists and crowds. We left early. really enjoyed Austria too-Vienna, Hallstatt (awesome!) and Salzburg. But our hearts always in the BO, and LV. So glad we had glorious weather there this time any many great hikes, as well as sitting on our deck and just looking at the mountains. Off tomorrow to LAX, catch you all later with a big TR!

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cchapin100 oh my yes, Hallstatt! Absolutely gorgeous!

Jane we accidentally stumbled on a small cow parade today headed to Oeschinensee! I almost got emotional watching them pass by - I don't know why. Just a really cool experience!