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Centovalli trains suspended until further notice

The Viagezzina trains operating on the "Centovalli" line (Domodossola - Locarno) have been suspended until further notice due to the covid-19 virus. A few regional trains between Camedo and Locarno are running.


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That's strange, because according to Swiss news websites SBB is saying there is no restriction in cross border trains. The long distance Zürich-Milan trains and the local cross border trains are running normally.


11:52 Züge nach Italien verkehren normal. Die Züge zwischen der Schweiz und Italien fahren derzeit normal, wie ein Sprecher der SBB gegenüber SRF erklärt.
"11:52 Trains to Italy are running normally. . . . . a spokesman fro SBB has told SRF (Swiss TV)"

See also here:

Auch am Sonntag verkehren die Schnellzüge zwischen Mailand, Venedig und Rom regulär, Flugzeuge starten und landen in Linate und Malpensa.
"The express trains between Milan, Venice an Rome were also running normally on Sunday.Planes were landing and taking of at Malpensa and Linate (Milan's airports)"

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Chris, this is probably because Centovalli railway is not an SBB line, but one operated by its very own dedicated company.

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It's all very strange, and the story has been changing hourly through Sunday.
The Centovalli site says "8 March 2020 In application of the presidential decree issued today (08.03.2020), the international railway traffic our line is interrupted until further notice.". So how come the (Italian) Presidential decree affects the Centovalli, but not the four SBB/BLS cross-border lines? And what about the RhB (Bernina route)?

According to this evening's Swiss TV news, and confirmed on other news websites, the Italians will be allowing people to cross the border to work, but not otherwise. It appears people in the "lockdown" will be allowed to go to work, to the shops and travel for "medical or other emergencies", but nothing else.