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Car Rental in Lugano and Itinerary Advice

Please help me to find the best car rental in Lugano. we are a group of 8 I need a van for the trip.

I got a good deal with Sixt but that company has bad reviews.

I need recommendations to know which car rental is better in Lugano. I will travel in May 2020 for 10 days. I will drop off the car in Zurich. I am worried because I have read very bad experiences with rental companies.

Driving from Lugano to Zermatt - Leaving the car in Tasch (2 days Zermatt)

Driving from Tasch to Montreux (2 Days Montreux)

Driving Montreux to Iseltwal (3 Days in the area)

Driving Iseltwal to Zurich (2 Days in Zurich)

Could you please tell me how the weather will be in May?

Thank you for your help,

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I am not sure what you hae heard about Sixt. AFAIK it is no worse than the others.
Some extra hints:

  • Make sure your hotel has parking. Many in towns do not, or if they do they may charge for parking. An 8-seater will be BIG, and you may not fit in some car parks.
    • Obviously there is no parking in Zermatt, You appear to be aware you have to leave your car in Täsch (pay) and get a train to Zermatt.
    • You cannot drive around the centres of cities like Lugano, Montreux and Zürich, they are pedestrian + public transport only.
  • "Iseltwal" I assume is a typo for Iseltwald on Lake Brienz.

The weather in May should be good, warm, mild, probably dry but obviously cooler the further you get into the mountains.

BTW - "I will drop off the car in Zurich" I assume you mean dropping it at Zürich airport and flying out. I am curious how the 8 of you are getting to Lugano.

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Thank you for your prompt reply.

We will fly to Milan from Milan we will travel to Bellagio

Train from Milan to Varenna
Ferry from Varenna to Bellagio (2 Days in Bellagio)

From Bellagio to Zermatt (We are deciding the best way to travel to Lugano) We have the following options:
Option 1 – Faster (We like this option)
Ferry from Bellagio to Menaggio
Bus from Menaggio to Lugano
Option 2 - longer
Ferry from Bellagio to Como
Train Como to Lugano

We will return the car in Zurich Airport

Thank you for all your assistance.


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Do all 8 of you only have small backpacks?

Fitting 8 people into a 9 seater and then adding 8 peoples' worth of normal luggage will be a challenge. When the back row of seats is turned into seats the amount of available luggage space is very tiny.

Have you considered using two normal cars instead?

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do you mean 8 carry ons and 8 backpacks?

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I see this warning on the website RJean linked to, and I know similar requirements have been mentioned on this forum (though I don't remember for which countries): "Please note, that in order to rent in Switzerland a vehicle with capacity which exceeds 8 passengers, you would need a driving license of the corresponding category."

It sounds as if your driver(s) will need commercial driver's licenses if you need to go up a size on the vehicle to accommodate your luggage.

I have never rented a car in Europe, but I remember earlier suggestions here that large groups like yours rent two regular cars rather than one large van, on the grounds that the two smaller vehicles are easier to maneuver on some rural roads, easier to park, more flexible if the groups wants to head to different places occasionally, and quite possibly less expensive.