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Business trip to Fribourg Switzerland & short time for sightseeing

Hi, I have a 5 day business trip to Fribourg in late January, and have a few choices to make- should I fly to Zurich or Geneva and take a train to Fribourg? Which would be a more scenic train trip? In Fribourg, I will have one day free and would like to possibly go cross country skiing or take a walk; any suggestions on scenic areas to see near Fribourg, and a place to do cross country skiing near Fribourg? Thanks!

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My daughter spent a year as an exchange student in Fribourg and is a fanatic x-c skier. She had a Switzerland-wide season ski pass and skied at many different areas. I'll get her input in the morning, it's 1:00 a.m. where she is. In the meantime, here is a map of the Swiss x-c ski areas for you to play with. Swiss ski de fond

If you end up not skiing, places nearby that we enjoyed when we visited her were Bulle, Gruyères, Murten, and the Cailler chocolate factory tour in Broc.

ETA: We arrived in Geneva and took the train all along the lake and through wine country. It was exceptionally scenic. The train from Zurich will be significantly longer, with possibly more mountain scenery and less water, but either one works fine.

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Daughter's advice is the Im Fang area (#30 on the map.) It's a great area (though check for snow conditions) and is very close to this wonderful day spa in Charmey for after the skiing, as well as Gruyères and Broc if you have time left for sightseeing or dinner.

She said she most often hopped on a train and went into the German parts of Switzerland where the mountains are higher and the snow more reliable. But it sounds like you won't have time, so this is a good option.

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Nelly, Thanks so much to you and your daughter for the tips about the side trips I might take from Fribourg!
I am arriving in Geneva and taking the train to Fribourg, so I'm sure I will see the scenery around the lake. I will probably go to the chocolate factory and stay either in Gruyeres or Broc for the night, before I leave for a Geneva airport hotel.

I appreciate all your helpful suggestions! Anne