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Breaking large denomition francs.

We plan to immediately go to an ATM at the Zurich airport and get francs for our trip. Say if I get out $500 francs won't the come out in large denomitions? We plan to get on a train at the airport and travel to Rheinfalls for the day and will need to put our luggage in storage. I am sure we will need coinage for the lockers since our American charge cards will probably not work.... So the question is, what 's the best way to break up some of the large bills we will get out of the ATM before we leave? What's best to have in terms of paper and coins? Thanks

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One method would be to buy some coffee and sandwiches (or whatever), which will provide some change and smaller bills. I've never had a problem "breaking" large bills in Switzerland.

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If this is your first time in Switzerland you'll be amazed at how you really don't need to worry with small denominations. In fact, 100chf bills seem to fly right out of your wallet in Switzerland. It's a beautiful country, and its beauty is only surpassed by its EXPENSIVENESS!

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Instead of getting 500 CHF out of the machine, ask for 480. This way, you will get at least one 10 and one 20 CHF bill (assuming the machines are stocked with these denominations). If this is rejected, try asking for 450, so you get at least one 50 CHF bill.

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At the train station portion of the airport (which is essentially a shopping mall)there are lots of merchants which will take large denominations. An Egg McMuffin at the McDonalds, or a few apples at the supermarket will work.