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BOE 14 day Lauterbrunnen Valley


Planning for my BOE trip in October. When in Switzerland we have a free day to “explore”. On RS planning guide several options are listed. (But I am open to suggestions) My husband and I are interested in the hikes- love walking and nature and do some “hiking” here in GA, But I am admittedly not a hiker. I walk daily 3-5miles. I am just wondering has anyone done any of these hikes mentioned? I am wondering how hard the trails are and will I need hiking poles for the inclines.

From what I read I feel like any of these would be doable. But my husband is worried the inclines might be to tough for me…
Here’s the RS suggestions:
Panoramaweg walk from Männlichen to Kleine Scheidegg (one of Rick’s favorites):

Valley Walk from Grütschalp to Gimmelwald:

Optional Schilthorn morning excursion:

Thank you so much!!!

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The lovely part about hiking in this area are the number of lifts that take you up...... You will be able to find any number of walks or hikes that you can enjoy. I use hiking poles to relieve pressure on the knees. I have a folding pair that I brought with me and I was glad I did for some of the hikes. Others, they just weren't necessary.

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Thanks so much. I had been looking at investing in the folding poles. Thanks for the info!

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You may want to remain flexible. The guide on my best of Switzerland and Germany, Austria and Switzerland both had optional activities. Both included going up to the Schilthorn and some hiking. Enjoy the tour!

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Easy 40 minute scenic paved walkway downhill from Murren to Gimmelwald.

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I think I've done all the hikes, and I agree with Jazz+Travels. Mannlichen to Kleine Scheidegg is my favorite because it has outstanding views in all directions..
Quite level, takes about 90 minutes, and you can take the train back from Kleine Scheidegg to Lauterbrunnen.

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For good information on hiking in the Berner Oberland, I'd recommend this book - . Laurel has done extensive hiking in that area and I believe there are a variety of hikes at different levels of difficulty.

A morning trip to the Schilthorn is definitely worthwhile (IMHO), albeit a bit pricey. It's quite a unique experience to have a nice breakfast in the revolving restaurant, while the gorgeous scenery and the Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau glide by the windows. The Schilthorn was used in the James Bond movie On Her Majesty's Secret Service and you may want to watch the movie again before your trip.

Does your tour info show which Berner Oberland community you'll be staying in?

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I agree with Rocket, stay flexible.

On my 21 day tour the guide offered options to do with him which included the Schilthorn first thing in the AM, then he got us started on the Mannlichen->Kleine Scheidegg hike. Each guide does it differently and it also depends on the weather.

I agree that Mannlichen->Kkeine Scheidegg is flat, easy and absolutely jaw dropping. Depending on your timing, pick up a sandwich from the small store in Wengen and have it on the hike. There are benches on the way.

So, it’s good to research your options but stay open, too!

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Wow- everyone thanks so much for the responses. I feel I am armed with some really great information. I will definitely stay open, I had hoped the guide might have some guidance (haha) but I can't stand not feeling informed and prepared.

If I have this correct we will be staying in the Lauterbrunnen Valley.-Berner Oberland. I have to admit this is a part of the trip I am most looking forward to joying.

Thanks again everyone- this is such great information!!!

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One hike that was suggested that we are thinking about is taking the tram to Grütschalp then hiking to Mürren then to Gimmelwald. Then taking the tram back down to the valley floor and hiking to Trummelbach Falls, then back to Lauterbrunnen.

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I agree Männlichen to Kleine Scheidegg is a great walk. We did it both directions; as listed is best. If you have concerns about climbing up and down big hills or walking on tricky surfaces this a gorgeous, safe, not overly long path.

I'll expound a bit on the walk Jeff G. mentions above. The following might not be a fit for you in total, but parts could work, mainly the valley floor, or the little network of trails at the top of the Murren Funicular with all the plants an flowers labelled:

Another nice walk that's a bit longer we really enjoyed: start in Lauterbrunnen. Walk all the way up the valley floor to the the Gimmelwald/Murren cable car. Waterfalls and cheese vending machines along the way. Then take cable car to Murren. In Murren take the funicular up to the Allmendhubel flower park zone. Picnic at top of funicular. Walk the Mountain View trail back to Grutschalp, then cable car back down to Lauterbrunnen in the valley floor.

This walk has a few advantages. One is that being on the valley floor is pretty awesome - it's seriously beautiful ambling along past incredible lush pastures and geranium laden farm houses with massive cliff soaring all around you and waterfall all over the place. And then on the way back you get the huge views of all the famous peaks the entire way, and a real trail too - more of a trail and less of a little road like Mann-Kleine Scheidegg.

Though this route is a bit long, it uses cable cars to go up and down sparing lungs and knees a bit and maximizing time when you can be taking in views (not sweating like hog and looking at your feet). It's not pancake flat, but it's not a lot of elevation gain/loss for a walk in big mountains. Also, you can bail out here and there by public transit - you aren't pot committed to walking the entire way after you start. You can clip the length by starting with a bus trip part way up the valley, or walking down to the cog railway stop at Winteregg at the end.

You can easily start and finish in Murren if you are staying there, and you can travel either direction (although the valley looks most beautiful walking up it from Lauterbrunnen).

You can also skip the funicular part and walk the lower trail from Murren to Grutschalp via Winteregg. I've not walked this route but gazed upon it from above - it looked pleasant and seemed like it would have good views too, without the elevation loss and more rolling aspect of the higher Mountain View trail. (if someone know for sure please help out).

I'm pasting a link to a nice, clear illustrated image containing this route - picture worth a thousand etc:

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one more thing to consider: the weather. If it's low clouds or socked in, and the forecast says it will stay that way, the higher mountain walks can be colder and grayer than the valley, which in all but the very foggiest weather remains gorgeous. On a socked in day transiting by lifts from Grindelwald to Wengen, we saw many hikers walking Mann-Kleine Scheidegg in a drizzling fog. But if you can't see much up there, then you could really be anywhere on a little road next to a granite hillside. Check forecasts, take a good look outside and then make a call on the walk based on your best option that day, not necessarily what you wrote in your planner.

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My one time on the Mannlichen to Kleine Scheidegg trail was in the drizzling fog. Couldn't see a thing. Anxious to go back.

I hope the snow hasn't come by the time of the OP's trip in October.

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Thanks to everyone for the AWESOME information. So much to consider and plan, which is part of the fun isn't it! I think I have a something in mind, but am open to whatever the guide suggests or even possibly coordinates.

Of course I hadn't even considered the weather, in my mind blue skies. So thanks for the reality check on that. So looking forward to traveling. Thanks again so much!!

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I've been to the Berner Oberland 10 times, 5 of which we've rented an apartment in Murren, for a total of over 12 weeks all together. I'm an ardent RS fan & while I'm definitely not an expert, but have experienced many of the before mentioned hikes and I agree that the Mannlichen to Kleine Scheidegg hike is perfect for an easy, first hike! If it's not raining you get to explore Wengen, enjoy the cable car to Mannlichen, and explore Kleine Scheidegg. KS is a great place for a lunch of sausage & rosti, with ice cream for dessert. The path is relatively flat, so if you can walk 3 - 5 miles, you'll have no problem.

I agree with a previous poster that this is a great map for the next area I'm going to discuss:

If the weather is good, getting up & having breakfast on Schilthorn is a fantastic idea!!! I suggest going straight up so bad weather doesn't set in. Then on the way down, stop at Murren and explore the village. There is a grocery store with fixings for a picnic lunch. Depending upon your time & energy, you can walk down to Gimmelwald or take the cable car. Take a few minutes to explore RS's favorite village, then head down to Stechelberg. Take the bus back to Lauterbrunnen.

If it's raining there are 2 options I'd recommend; you can do both if you get an early start:
1. Visiting Trummelbach Falls
2. Steamer ship ride on either Lakes Thun or Brienz.

Feel free to pm me if you want additional information.

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Thanks, everyone, for all the suggestions! My husband and I will be staying in Lauterbrunnen for four nights in late August, and I'm really excited to get all this great information.

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I have been on the MyWay Alpine and Best of Switzerland tours, both of which stop in Lauterbrunnen. Both trips, I walked around Mürren and Wengen. This past winter, I became acquainted with the valley floor route via an hour long video on Youtube of a snowy walk in Lauterbrunnen. The only sounds were footfalls in the snow and the waterfalls. That is definitely my next goal. I really want to explore based on that peaceful video and because Lauterbrunnen is supposedly one of the landscape influences for Tolkien's Lord of the Rings. When I reach the far end of the valley, I hope to take the cable car up to Gimmelwald, visit the Mountain Hostel cafe there, and either repeat the journey (there is a return bus on the valley floor, as well) or go back the opposite way via Mürren.

I am much more of a walker than a hiker. Enjoy your day off in Lauterbrunnen.

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Just adding the link to a couple of videos showing the walk in Lauterbrunnen. Like Debbie, I too am looking forward to this walk when I return to Switzerland next month. I didn’t get to do the entire walk when I was there in Sept. as my sister and bro in law are not big walkers.

This you tube channel has some other videos on Switzerland. My favorite is his walk from Mannlichen.

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I am so thrilled with all of the information everyone is sharing!!! Thank you so very much. Exceeded my expectations when I posted the question. Happy travels everyone!