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Birds eye view

I stumbled onto this website on my Roku (I've run out of RS episodes to watch!) and it's a beautifully shot HD birds eye view of Switzerland. Oddly, it focuses on the south western part of the country and largely flies over fantastic places you probably haven't heard of.

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Great. Thanks a lot, phred. Now I have even MORE travel videos to watch ;-)

I noticed there are other Swiss videos by the same producer...and many others that focus mainly on EUROPE, with a few North American and African locales mixed in. Very pretty and saturated colors, and if the spinning helicopter shot would s.l.o.w w.a.y. d.o.w.n. I'd be happier. This series looks very promising.

Thanks again, phred ;-)

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Fantastic video! Thanks for posting.

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there's an amazing amount of travel video on the internet. Some is free on Youtube, and some is free or small pay on Amazon Prime.

I enjoy Rudy Maxa's work. Some might prefer Samantha Brown or Laura Mackenzie.

Oh and if you like aerial shows in general, the Smithsonian Channel (on cable) has TONS of them. At the point they've flown over just about every American state.