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Best website for purchasing Swiss Travel Passes

Is there any difference between purchasing Swiss Travel Passes on vs. They both appear to be official sites for Swiss Railroads The swissrailways site is easier to navigate. Prices seem the same. Any preference?

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No, the Swissrailways site is a travel agency, not SBB. Prices should be the same as the Swiss Travel Pass is a commissionable product.

Off hand looking at their prices, they quote 140 USD for the 30-day Half Fare Card. The actual real price is 120 CHF. At the current exchange rate of 1.1 USD/CHF, price should be 132 USD. add in another 2% for currency exchange, should be $135. That is why I would buy from SBB with a credit card with no foreign currency conversion fees, other than 1% network fee.

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Interesting. When I looked at, I saw the price in CHF, and it was the same as the CHF price on the SBB site. Definitely want to buy in Swiss francs using a credit card with no foreign transaction fees.

If I buy it on sbb, can I use their app to bring it up? Or is that only for Swiss residents? I’ve read that in any case it’s possible to add the pass to Apple Wallet, so that’s always an option in addition to a printout.

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1974 posts appears to be a site run by the Swiss Travel Centre, which is owned by SBB, so certainly an official source. Probably a better choice for people with overseas credit cards.

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does the alternate app have all the whizbangs on the main sbb app? Can you see running times and platforms, and platform sections?

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There is a drop-down box top right to select currency.