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Best way to get to Hallstatt from Lucern?

Hi all,

I will be visiting Europe in June going to Italy, Switzerland and Austria for the first time. I will be heading to Hallstatt for 2 nights. I was wondering if you know the best way to get to Hallstatt from Lucern? So far my options are:

  1. Trains: from Lucern to Salzburg then I think I need to take the bus to get to Hallstatt. Total travel time would be ~11hrs for $175. This seems to be taking too long. There seems to be not many overnight options either.
  2. Flying: from Lucern to Zurich then to Salzburg and Hallstatt after. Total travel time would be ~7 hrs + check in/out for $250.

Is there any other ways I'm not aware about that you guys can help me with?

Appreciate your help!


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You are correct in saying train will take nearly a full day. There is a train journey you could do in 10.5hrs. Seeing you didn't have what date in June you would be travelling from Lucerne to Hallstatt I punched in the 14th and could get a saver fare of 100 Euro. But it would depend on the date you want to travel.
I suppose changing your itinerary a bit wouldn't be possible to make it easier for you to travel?
But you can take the train from Salzburg to Hallstatt, as we did and so it shows on the train schedule I looked at. The train station is across the lake so its a beautiful ferry ride across to the town...
A good place to check any train journeys in Europe is on the German DB Bahn web site. They have virtually all train times of western European countries on their web site...

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I am thinking of traveling from Hallstatt from Lucern on the 22nd of June, or the night of the 21st to get there in the morning, depending on what schedule they have. Where did you look to see the saver fare?