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Best things to do in Wegen/Murren?

Hello everyone,

I had 2 questions:

  1. I'm looking at going to Murren/Lauterbrunnen, however the hotel I found with a decent price is Wegen. While they are close via the map, is it possible to travel to and from there easily?

  2. Any recommendations of what to do there? We will be there for exactly 1.5 days (one full day, and half the next day). I'm not looking to go hiking. The only thing on my plan right now is just paragliding and seeing the rotating resturant, but that should only take half a day, so looking for things to do the rest of the day. I prefer more the outdoors than museums or stores, so any places we can go with a nice view of the alps would be a plus (without hiking).

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You will be right in the middle of the Alps, so you cant miss seeing them. Well, actually if its cloudy, you can. You need to watch the weather on top closely to take advantage of morning sunshine. Transit from Wengen up to the top of the Schilthorn can take 1.25-1.75 hours, one way, so yeah it still eats up a lot of time. Just walking around Mürren, and down the path to Gimmelwald is all the things to do a person needs. Look for signs of farmers selling cheese honey or jam. Some of the hiking from Mürren is more like leisurely strolling on well-kept paths.

Trummelbach falls are in the valley near Lauterbrunnen.

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You can travel from one side of the valley to the other, but it will take about an hour each way, so I personally wouldn't call it close enough that it makes no difference where you stay. One is a great day trip from the other, though.

I haven't stayed in Wengen, but Murren is awesome! Hiking is the main attraction, but if you're not into that, and you only have a day and a half anyway, you could fully amuse yourselves with:

  • cable car to the Schilthorn / Piz Gloria for the revolving restaurant, great views and kitschy James Bond exhibit;

  • Murren has an Alpine Folk Festival in the community centre. Not sure if its every night, though;

  • your day trip to Wengen.

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As had been pointed out above, they look very close to each other on a map, but they are on opposite sides of a deep valley. You have to go down to Lauterbrunnen from Wengen and then up to Mürren. Your trip up the Schilthorn will be on the Mürren side. We didn’t do paragliding, but that might also be on the Mürren side.

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Find a great spot and read a book. For some reason, my traditional reading material in Switzerland is dystopian fiction.

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It will cost you 18 CHF per person each way to get between Wengen and Muerren. If you are traveling with full fare point-to-point tickets, take that into consideration when looking at hotel prices.

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If you have children with you, check out the playground in Murren at the top of the funicular. My kids went gaga over it (at age 8/11, mind you). Many well-signed hikes, you will spend much time just staring open-mouthed at the majesty of the Alps. I recommend downloading Google Translate/German pack before going, as some of the signs on the hikes were in German only and it came in handy (one sign said "detour", yep, that was one important one)

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Getting to Wengen from Lauterbrunnen is easy - a nice local train. Same can be said for Muerren plus the cable car. I would consider whether everything you really want to experience is on the Muerren side. If so, and if you stay in Wengen, then time and money will be spent getting to your destination like the revolving restaurant. Your time is limited. You can do the math on whether the cost savings in Wengen will be eaten up in transportation. Good luck and enjoy your time.

Oh, I saw a video during lockdown from new owners of Hotel Oberland in the Lauterbrunnen Valley. I have no idea, but would a recently opened hotel have good prices?

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Thank you all for the recommendations.

From my understanding, stopping at Birg to to the thrill walk, and going to the top of Schilthorn, sounds like a full day thing (not something you could do in just half a day).

The hotel I found in Wengen is 80 dollars a night (Murren started at around 130 dollars a night). So for 2 nights, that is a difference of 100 dollars (which should more than cover the extra fees to take the train). It sounds more like the issue might be time rather than money here (Murren is one whole day trip, and to the top of Schilthorn is another from the sounds of it).

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You actually can do Schilthorn and Birg Thrill Walk in half a day if you get an early start. From Wengen station, trains to Lauterbrunnen are every 30 minutes at 13 and 43 past the hour. At Lauterbrunnen, take the bus to Stechelberg and board the cable car. This cable car goes to top of Schilthorn in 4 stages, Stechelberg-Gimmelwald-Muerren-Birg-Schilthorn Piz Gloria. I'd say go to Piz Gloria first before any clouds build up (assuming it starts out as a nice day). That whole trip from Wengen station takes 1 hour and 14 minutes. So if you got the 8:13 train from Wengen you'd be at Piz Gloria by 9:30. Lets say you spend an hour at Piz Gloria, then take the cable car down to Birg (4 minute ride) and spend an hour doing the Thrill Walk, then ride back down to Muerren (12 minute ride) by noon.

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Sam is correct with timing.
If you really want a full day look into the via ferrata in Murren. Get off the cable car in Murren, meet a guide and do the via ferrata. There is a zip line that you can only do when a guide is present. Without a guide you can rent the harness and helmet and go on your own. The via ferrata route ends near the cable car station in Gimmelwald where you can take it back down to Stechelberg.

Another option- Paragliders take off from a grassy meadow near the Murren cable car station. We met our paraglider pilots in front of the station. They land near the bottom of the cable car in Stechelberg so it is an easy walk to catch the Post bus back to Lauterbrunnen and return to Wengen.


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Or if you’re not up to doing the Ferrata, you could do the Schilthorn and Thrill Walk then walk down to Gimmelwald for lunch. That would make a nice day in the Alps!

Check out this thread to see all the reasons why you might want to stay in Murren — (Read "Lauterbrunnen or Murren as home base to travel" & "Jungfrou Region villages" and have more ??).

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I could be wrong, but we hiked Stechelberg to Lauterbrunnen and only saw people flying (paragliding and BASE jumping) from the Murren side. Since Schilthorn and paragliding are your priority and they are easily done from Murren, and the money saved on hotel will mostly go towards the transportation back and forth to Wengen why not just stay in Murren? Murren is beautiful. You could also throw in that cable walk along the side of the valley wall for another thrill (Murren).

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Thank you all for the replies and suggestions. Honestly seems like with the distance between things, it isn't actually worth (the price) to stay only 2 days in Wegen/Murren (without rushing everywhere). Ended up cancelling Switzerland entirely due to pricing and timing. Think this is one of those "come back when I got some real money and stay a week" type places.